School Holiday Wreath Fundraisers

Need extra budget for your school group or activity? We have easy school fundraiser options for your students or class. Evergreen Industries has more than 50 years of fundraising experience and can help you make your wreath fundraiser a success.

Start by reviewing the Evergreen Industries fundraising product catalog, sign up by filling out the Organization Data Sheet, then start selling.

If you have questions or would like fundraising tips and ideas, we’re here to help. Just give us a call at 800-284-3048.

To begin immediately, just complete the Organization Data Sheet
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“Thanks to you we were able to give two scholarships away to two local girls to help further their education. Our customers love the products… and it is cheaper then what they can get at the local florist, plus great quality.”
– Alice, Teacher; Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you for the help and the beautiful products you make. Our fundraiser went smoothly and our order arrived early. See you next year. Thank you!”
– George, Coach; Iowa City, IA

Ready to go? Let's fundraise!