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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?
No minimum order is required. You order only what you’ve pre-sold. You do not have to order in case quantities.
Who determines wreath fundraiser selling prices and profit margin?
Your group will determine the selling price of each wreath or fundraising product. Take the price of the item off the price list and add the freight % that applies to your state. You will need to add any additional upgrades – bows, cones, bags, etc. – as well. Then add the amount of money you’d like to make per-product on top of that. We’re happy to suggest price mark-ups if you’re not  sure what to charge for your wreaths.
How do I calculate freight charges on wreaths and other Evergreen Industries Products?
Simply look at our freight chart and take each product you’re ordering and multiply it by the % listed by your state.
What are sales aids?
Sales aids are sent from our office at the time you turn in your Organizational Data Sheet. We’ll send a packet of materials about the wreaths and other fundraising products you want to sell.
Can we customize our sales aid?
Yes! Please call the Evergreen Industries team at 800-284-3048 and we’ll help you with customization.
When do I need to place my fundraising products order?
Your order needs to be placed 14 days before your delivery range and no later than November 15.
What types of sales incentives does Evergreen Industries offer?
We offer 2 different incentive programs:
1. “FREE” fundraising products like wreaths, swags, and or centerpieces based on sales increases over the previous fundraising year.
2. Promotional hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags that can be used for gifts to top sellers
When are payments to Evergreen Industries due?
Payment is due 30 days from the day wreaths and other fundraising products are delivered.
Once we place our order can we add to it?
Yes, you can add to your fundraising order until your bulk order is loaded on the truck. Once your bulk order has left our facility you may order additional fundraising products if the products you’ve ordered are in stock.
What’s the difference between “Fundraising Program” (bulk order) and a Mail Order Program?”
Bulk orders are shipped to one location so your group can fulfill, and deliver wreath orders. Mail orders are shipped to customers individually to the addresses you provide to us.