Our Story

Our Story

Evergreen Industries was started 55 years ago by Joe Ahern who learned how to make evergreen wreaths from his father in the 1940s and started selling wreaths door-to-door as a kid to make money for scouting camp, and later college.

Tim and Pat Ahern, who’ve taken over the family business take pride in the relationships they’ve built with thousands of wreath fundraiser customers, organizations, and troops over the years.


“Still having that first customer after 50 wreath seasons says a lot about what we believe in and care about. And hundreds and hundreds of customers and groups have been with us for decades even though group leadership changes every 3-4 years… we measure our success by how many keep coming back. The best part of what we do, besides making wreaths and other fundraising products, is the time we spend working with all of the dedicated and hard-working volunteers that use our fundraising products. They offer so much time and energy for the smile on a kid’s face or a thank you.”

Over the years, Evergreen Industries has employed thousands of people. The people that go to the woods and harvest materials and cones, and the people that make the bows, and the retired people that come to work because they like it and are so dedicated to what they do—all of the Evergreen Industries employees—are willing to help people raise money for the organizations they care about. Their common goal is excellent customer service and fundraiser success.


Evergreen Industries is committed to sustainability.

  • Our bough harvesting takes place after successive hard frosts in late September or early October each fall.
  • The raw materials used in our wreaths, swag, centerpiece, and natural fundraising products are cut from federal and state lands, privately owned properties, and land ceded to Native Americans.
  • Generations of families work for Evergreen Industries picking thousands of tons of boughs.
  • Evergreens are hand-cut, bundled,  and delivered to our production facilities and keep our plants busy through the holiday season.
  • They’re made into wreaths and all of our fundraising products that make your Boy Scout, school, or nonprofit fundraiser a success.

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