How We Fundraise

  1. Setup your program

    Review Evergreen Industries wreath fundraiser
    products, and submit your
    Organization Data Sheet.

    Submit Data Sheet
  2. Sell & Raise Money

    Kick-off fundraising program, take
    wreath & product orders.
    Submit your order online or fax them
    to (651) 457-0676.

    Order Now
  3. Deliver & Celebrate

    Your order will be confirmed via email,
    track shipping and distribute wreaths
    to your friends & neighbors.

    Track Order

The details…

  • 1. How to setup your program
    1. First, you'll review Evergreen's items we offer in our catalog to determine what you'd like to sell.

    2. Submit your Organizational Data Sheet so that we can set up your account and prepare for your fundraiser.

    3. Ask questions! Evergreen's team is here to help you get started.

    4. Receive your free, colored brochures to help with sales.

  • 2. How to sell your items & raise money
    1. Use Evergreen's free resources like the Fundraising 101 ebook and our blog to get ideas and guidance!

    2. Submit your orders using Evergreen's Order Now page or emailing orders@evergreenindustries.net.

    3. Receive a confirmation email from our team.

    4. Review your order to ensure all the pieces match up.

  • 3. How delivery & the finale work
    1. Evergreen will contact your team after your order has been shipped.

    2. You can track your order on our Shipping & Tracking Page.

    3. Once they've arrived, all that's left to do is deliver them to your family, friends and neighbors!

Why fundraise with us?
Only unconditional product guarantee in industry
Shipped fresh from cold storage warehouse
Ask about our plastic bags for easier & safer shipping
Knowledgable staff happy to answer questions
Prizes available to reward top sellers
High profit potential with fundraising plans to reach your goals