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Fundraising 101

Need help planning and executing your best fundraiser yet?

After working with fundraisers for over 50 years, we want to help you feel confident and knowledgeable about your own.

Download our guide and receive:

• Guidance for planning for your fundraising, including how to budget, organize your group and be ready to go before the fundraiser even takes place

• Ideas for how to promote your fundraiser and coordinate your group

• Specific insight into how the fundraiser works and tips and tricks for getting the most out of it

• Expert advice on how to properly wrap up your fundraiser


Boy Scout Fundraisers

We specialize in Boy Scout Fundraisers.

Our founder started Evergreen as a Boy Scout and because of this, we have a special place in our hearts for helping them execute their fundraiser based on their specific needs.

In this book you will learn:

• The quick history of Evergreen and the Boy Scouts

• The value fundraising has for your Scouts

• Some essential guidelines to follow throughout your fundraiser

• How to plan and promote your fundraiser, train your Scouts and finally, wrap up your fundraiser

• The best route to your “grand finale”


Next Level Fundraising

Feeling like your fundraiser could use a boost? We love hearing that a fundraiser went about and beyond expectations.Here are a few secrets of the trade to help yours do so as well.

In this three part guide you will learn:

• Fresh ways to plan your fundraiser that’ll help it each new heights, including what to do if you want to plan extra early or try a new tactic.

• Some innovative ideas on how to recruit and excite more fundraising team members than ever before

• One of the most central elements to successful fundraisers year after year: customer follow-up. We’ll help you think through the best ways to say thank you and ensure repeat customers.


Ready to go? Let's fundraise!