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Why Evergreen? What makes Evergreen unique?

Over the 55 years that Evergreen Industries has been in business, the industry has seen many changes. The company was started by Joe Ahern, whose father taught him how to make wreaths in the 1940s.… Read More

Evergreen Celebrates 55 Years of Service!

Our Evergreen Story 55 years ago this month, Evergreen Industries was started by local Minnesota native Joe Ahern. Joe learned to make evergreen wreaths from his father in the 1940s, he started selling wreaths door-to-door… Read More

From the Forest to Your Door

Have you ever wondered where that beautiful evergreen wreath came from?  What evergreen tree gave that gorgeous green and who assembled it? We can tell you with confidence and that all Evergreen products are sustainably… Read More

5 Things Kids Can learn From Fundraising

It’s important that team leaders know these benefits as a fundraiser starts so that they can work on emphasizing them to their youth volunteers.… Read More

Raise Funds Online with Our Friends & Family Program

With just a click of the mouse, your organization’s supporters can purchase Hand made Fragrant Balsam Fir products and other Decorative items, directing them to be delivered to their front door.… Read More

Summer Activities for Youth Groups

Does your youth group have plans this summer, outside of the normal duties/activities? Here are some fun ideas for summer activities your youth group can do this summer.… Read More

Celebrating a 2016 Full of Fundraising Success Stories

This year Evergreen was proud to supply Holiday Fundraising products to over a thousand groups in the contiguous United States. Knowing how many lives we touch, we are committed to making each experience with our… Read More

The Sales Aid Generator: An Evergreen Perk

Last year, we launched a new tool for our customers, and we’re happy to say they loved it! It’s much easier now for each group to create the custom sales aides that they need. Our… Read More

Why Evergreen Industries?

We know that, when you’re searching for fundraising products, you have some big choices to make. What products should you use, and what company should you buy them from? There are some companies that provide… Read More

Watch Our Brand New Video

Want an inside look at how our beautiful fundraising products are assembled? Check out our new video!… Read More

2015 Year in Review

2015 was such a fun year for us here at Evergreen Industries! We helped so many different groups raise money for their trips, scholarships, churches, schools and more. Congratulations to all of you, and thank… Read More

New: Use Our Sales Aid Generator!

When you’re running a fundraiser, making it easy for everyone in your group to sell your products is important! That’s why we created a new tool to help you accomplish just that: our Sales Aid… Read More

Using Facebook Ads for Your Wreath Fundraiser

Are you hoping to reach more customers than ever this year with your Christmas wreath fundraiser? Need to raise more for your group? If you’re a Facebook user, you might want to consider running Facebook… Read More

Sales Aids Are Going Out!

It’s that time of year again! Janet is busy putting together sales aids for those customers who’ve asked for them. They’ll be going into the mailbox and into your hands soon! If you’re in the… Read More

The Journey of the Pine Cone

Preparation for creating our fundraising wreaths and products in the fall happens all year round! Check out the journey of our pine cones. These cones are added to many of our wreaths and other products.… Read More

Direct Ship Products: Another Great Way to Fundraise

Did you know that we offer some direct ship products, in addition to our traditional fundraising products? Yes, we can ship products directly to your customers’ doors! They’ll arrive fresh and conveniently packaged via UPS… Read More

Downloadable “Top Seller” Certificate

Want to hand out certificates of recognition to your group’s top sellers? Or maybe everyone in your group did a spectacular job, and they all deserve a certificate? Here’s one that you can download and… Read More

Our Top-Selling Boy Scout Wreaths

At Evergreen Industries, we’re really proud of the freshness and quality of our products. We have many fundraisers that come back to us year after year when fundraiser participants make remarks about how much they… Read More

New for 2014: Online Organization Data Sheets

Our Organization Data Sheet is now online! It can now be submitted electronically, saving paper, postage, and time. Plus, if you fill it out and submit it online before the deadline of July 31st, you’ll… Read More

A Video About Evergreen Industries

Evergreen Industries has been in business since 1964 and has helped thousands of groups raise money through wreath fundraisers; school groups, sports teams, church groups, kids interested in music, Scouts, and others. We make all… Read More

Evergreen Industries Commitment to Sustainability

We take pride in manufacturing top-quality, environmentally friendly, sustainable fundraising products. Our wreaths, swags, and centerpieces are made from renewable balsam boughs and renewable forest resources that are never cut down, but instead harvested from… Read More

Evergreen Industries Fundraising Programs

We offer a streamlined fundraising process that’s fun, easy, and profitable and are always willing to share tools and tips for training your fundraising team. We recommend you start by ordering or downloading our fundraising… Read More

Evergreen Industries Fundraising Products

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our production facilities and production process for our top-quality fundraising products including wreaths, garland, swag, and centerpieces. Hundreds of seasonal workers have been with the Evergreen Industries fundraising team for… Read More

Evergreen Industries Fundraiser Rewards and Incentives

Team building and teamwork, in addition to the money you’ll make for your school group, troop, or organization or is part of the Evergreen fundraising experience. We offer hats, tote bags, and sweatshirts that can… Read More

Meet Kim

If you call, it’s likely Kim will answer the phone. She always has a smile on her face and knows the ins and outs of fundraising. She can provide tips to even experienced fundraising teams.… Read More

It’s back-to-school season

This is when we start getting a lot of deliveries: bows for our fundraiser wreaths, door hangers, cones, and other shipping supplies. It’s also when new fundraising directors take over. Some people have a good… Read More

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