Fundraising Tips

Top ways to boost nonprofit fundraising through social media

Whether you want to see what’s happening with friends or get information on local businesses, chances are social media is one of your first stops. Learn tips to apply to fundraising! … Read More

5 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Fundraiser Donors

Your fundraising donors are incredibly important to a successful fundraiser. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to continue year over year.… Read More

How Impactful is Fundraising for Kids?

The classroom isn’t the only place children learn. They also gain valuable information from their extracurricular activities and hobbies, as well as the time they spend with friends and family. If you run a youth-based… Read More

Christmas Fundraisers: How to Choose Products & Stay on Track

Christmas fundraisers can be a wonderful way to bring in some money for your group. Buyers are looking for great products to give as gifts to their friends and neighbors, and you can give them… Read More

Fundraising can be Stressful! Tips for avoiding it!

Nonprofits spend serious time talking about what it takes to have a successful fundraiser. But halfway through the campaign, one thing usually becomes clear to everyone: fundraising is hard work. For youth-based fundraisers, stress isn’t… Read More

Asking for Donations Made Easy

A large part of fundraising, with no surprise, is raising funds. This involves the sometimes difficult task of asking for people to use their finances to support your cause.  Asking for money is never easy,… Read More

Direct Mail Works Too!

Today’s marketers tend to steer their efforts toward electronic methods, using email, social media, and the internet to reach out to consumers. For nonprofits, digital can be an affordable, quick, and fairly easy way to… Read More

4 Tips for Getting More People Involved in Your Fundraiser

People are at the heart of every fundraiser. It takes teams of people to plan and execute a fundraiser, whether it’s an event or product sales. Once the event is underway, volunteers and employees work… Read More

Fundraising 101: The Basics of Fundraising

The beginning steps of running a fundraiser are exciting and full of high hopes. Whether you’re starting from scratch on your very first fundraiser or are a well-versed pro at fundraising, things are always changing… Read More

Organizing your Annual Fundraising Plan

Some organizations lock on one fundraiser and focus all their efforts on it. For Boy Scout troops, though, fundraising is often a multi-event affair, with products and services offered at various times throughout the year.… Read More

5 Tips for Building Relationships with Your Donors

A nonprofit’s biggest asset is its supporters. Those are both the volunteers who work so hard to generate funds and the contributors who help out by donating those funds. With the start of each fundraising… Read More

4 Fundraising Incentive Ideas

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to push people to work a little harder. This sense of competition adds a layer of motivation. When it comes to fundraising, it’s important to encourage teamwork and… Read More

Fundraising Sales Pitch: Tips and Tricks

You’re passionate about the work you’re doing, as are the enthusiastic volunteers who help you raise money. But communicating that passion can be difficult, especially for those who aren’t skilled sales professionals. How do you… Read More

How to Generate Excitement About Your Fundraiser

Whether you’re selling products over multiple weeks or you have a one-time event, your upcoming fundraiser brings a prime opportunity to make money for your nonprofit. But a large part of your success depends on… Read More

5 Fundraiser Improvement Tips

Fundraising is an important part of achieving your mission. Every dime you bring in is a dime you can put toward your cause, whether you’re raising money for a specific project or your overall mission.… Read More

Tips for Helping Your Child with Their Fundraiser

Fundraising can be a great opportunity for children to learn valuable lessons they’ll use later in life. Through their fundraising activities, youth have the opportunity to market a product to others, set goals and work… Read More

Fundraiser Safety Tips

There are a few things your nonprofit can do on an ongoing basis to stay safe while still having fun during your fundraiser.… Read More

Fundraiser Planning Checklist

Planning is an essential part of any project, whether it’s a marketing campaign or a big event. For nonprofits, fundraisers are usually the cornerstone of operations, bringing in money so that they can accomplish their… Read More

Fundraising SMART

In order to run a successful fundraiser, you have to know what success will mean.  What will it look like to have met that “success” level at the end of your fundraiser? In order to… Read More

How to Boost Your Online Fundraising Efforts

The internet has broadened our ability to raise funds for wonderful organizations. … Read More

Tips for Finding the Right Fundraising Company

The very first step to a successful fundraiser is to determine the company and products you’ll be selling. … Read More

5 Steps to A Successful Fundraiser

So you’ve decided to start a fundraiser, this is great news! Fundraisers are a wonderful way to raise money for a nonprofit or a cause that needs support.  A fundraiser, however, cannot be thrown together… Read More

How to Use Social Media to Help Fundraise

The world has been widely influenced by social media. Whether you’re a social media wiz or just getting into the world of digital media, it really can serve a purpose for all. For fundraising specifically,… Read More

Product Fundraisers vs. Event Fundraisers

There are two major ways to raise money. We’ve compiled a handy little list of the pros and cons of each type of fundraiser.… Read More

5 Tips for Taking Over an Existing Fundraiser

Leadership changes. It’s a fact of life for any organization. But chances are, your group has a core team of people who can keep things moving forward no matter who’s in charge. Change can be… Read More

5 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Fundraising Team

Fundraising is incredibly rewarding, but it can be hard work! Once the campaign is over, it’s time to show appreciation to those who worked so hard to make your fundraiser a success. In addition to… Read More

Using Reviews to Sell Your Fundraiser

When you’re about to make a purchase, do you take into account what other people have said about the product or service you’re about to buy? Most likely, your answer to this question is yes.… Read More

It’s Never Too Early to Start Selling

Whether you’re thinking about Christmas in July or it’s already pumpkin season, the sooner you hit the road, the more successful your fundraiser will be. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of pre-holiday fundraising.… Read More

Raise Funds Online with Our Friends & Family Program

With just a click of the mouse, your organization’s supporters can purchase Hand made Fragrant Balsam Fir products and other Decorative items, directing them to be delivered to their front door.… Read More

The Top Life-Lessons Learned By Kids from Sports Team Fundraising

Beyond the financial benefits of earning money for your sports team's needs, there are non-monetary benefits to fundraising as well, especially for younger teams. Several factors go into organizing a successful fundraiser and as a coach or leader, you'll...… Read More

How to Generate Excitement for Your Fundraiser

Every fundraising campaign is unique, even within the same organization. You’ll see varying amounts of participation and bring in different dollar amounts from one year to the next. You’ll also find that, no matter how excited you are about...… Read More

3 Timeless Tips to Successful Fundraisers

Some things never get old. There may be new fundraising technology and an ever-evolving assortment of fundraising products, but the backbone of a fundraiser remains the same. We’ve been around for over 50 years, so we… Read More

Sports Teams & School Product Fundraiser Ideas 2018

We hate to break it to you but the school year is fast approaching. With that in mind, it might be time to plan out your school year fundraisers and review the best fundraiser ideas… Read More

5 Rules of Scout Fundraisers

This post has been updated since it’s original published date of February 26, 2015. Many Boy Scout troops rely on fundraisers to pay for trips and extra supplies. The fundraisers themselves can offer a learning… Read More

Your Fundraising Wrap-Up Checklist – Step Five: Celebrate!

The previous four steps covered all you need to do to collect information and prep for next year’s fundraiser. But is there a similar benefit to celebrating? Though celebrating your fundraiser won’t help you plan… Read More

Your Fundraising Wrap-Up Checklist – Step Four: Reflect, Delegate & Plan

Now that you’ve taken down the necessary numbers, said a proper thank you and taken in feedback, it’s time to sit down and jot a few notes. This is the step most people neglect as… Read More

Your Fundraising Wrap-Up Checklist – Step Three: Ask for Feedback

It’s time for further fundraiser discovery before it’s too late. We suggest sending out a quick survey to both your participants and your customers. You don’t want to do this before you have taken care… Read More

Your Fundraising Wrap-Up Checklist – Step Two: Send Out Thank You’s

As stated by Classy, “in a survey asking donors why they stopped supporting an organization, 53% cited poor communication” as the main reason. Likewise, according to Action Sprout, “one of the top reasons donors gave… Read More

Your Fundraising Wrap-Up Checklist – Step One: Track Your Success

Your fundraiser is over – congrats! However, please don’t stop now. This is perhaps the most important time for you to stay in the fundraising game. Don’t worry, it’s just a few quick fundraiser to-do’s… Read More

Sports Teams & School Product Fundraiser Ideas 2017

We hate to break it to you but the school year is fast approaching. With that in mind, it might be time to plan out your school year fundraisers and review the best fundraiser ideas… Read More

How to Write Your Best Fundraising Letter Ever

Believe it or not, one of the best promotional tactics you can try for your fundraiser is a good old-fashioned fundraising letter. To potential donors or fundraising product purchasers, a well-written letter can come across… Read More

How to Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level—Part 1: Reviewing & Planning

Working with busy parents and leaders of sports teams, scout troops and youth groups, Evergreen has seen the stress planning a fundraiser can put on people. It’s fairly normal for you to want to get… Read More

Snail Mail vs. Email: Which One Should You Use for Your Fundraiser?

Now that you’re starting your fundraiser, you are probably wondering the best way to reach potential customers. In this day and age in the sales and marketing realm, you hear a lot about how sending out… Read More

Best Fundraiser Followup Ideas for 2017

Whether you just started planning your fundraiser or you’re already wrapping up, it’s always a good time to think about how you’ll follow up with those that took part in your fundraiser. It’s tempting to… Read More

How to Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level—Part 2: Rallying Your Fundraiser Participants

There are a few common tendencies we have witnessed when it comes to fundraisers for kid’s activities. For starters, it can feel easier to have the adults take the lead and just direct the kids… Read More

How to Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level—Part 3: Optimizing Donor Relationships

For our final portion of this series, let’s discuss how you can get early buy-in from previous contributors and even get them to help bring in new contacts. All they need is a reminder of… Read More

How Do Fundraisers Work? How Evergreen Helped This Sports Team Fundraiser

After over 50 years of fundraising, Evergreen knows a thing or two about how to plan and execute a successful one. This local sports team came to us with a need to fundraise for their new… Read More

Questions to be Asking Now about Your Fall Fundraiser

It’s finally summer. For parents and your kids, it’s a time for relaxation and rewards after all your hard work. However there’s a few small questions we encourage you to think about now so you can truly set… Read More

Local Hockey Team Grateful for Evergreen & Our Online Fundraising Tools

A hockey team in a neighboring town to Evergreen’s headquarters shared this story with us. Their goal was to raise enough money to buy new uniforms. They didn’t think it was possible, due to the… Read More

Fundraising Opportunities for Sports Teams Coming Up This Fall

Now might not be the time you’re most excited about planning your sport team’s fundraising for the fall, but there are several perks to planning your fundraiser early (read about them here »). We want… Read More

8 Reasons People Might Hesitate to Donate to Your Fundraiser

Money is a sensitive topic. So when you’re approaching a fundraiser, it’s understandable that there’s some anxieties surrounding asking people for their money. However, there are some tactics you can avoid that can ease the discomfort.… Read More

Evergreen’s Trees Are Growing, Now How Can Your Fundraising Potential? [Infographic]

As the spring brings growth to our trees – which will eventually turn into your fundraising wreaths – we thought it would be interesting to look into the growth of fundraising over the year. It’s… Read More

The Tried-and-True Timeline for Your Next Christmas Fundraiser [Free Checklist Download]

Fundraising is, no doubt, a challenge, but it can be made a whole lot easier if you use the help of experts. After helping with fundraising for over 50 years, we feel we have a… Read More

7 Ideas as You Plan Your Spring Fundraiser

You may have used Evergreen Industries for your fall or winter fundraiser, but spring time is on the horizon and you need a fresh idea for your next campaign. Whether you are fundraising for your… Read More

Your Fundraiser Is Over: Now What?

Often as a fundraiser winds down, organizers take a deep breath and look forward to relaxing for a while. However, some of the most important work happens in the days immediately following the end of… Read More

5 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Fundraiser Donors

According to bloomerang.co and classy.org, up to 70% of donors don’t make a second donation. This is largely due to a lack of followup from the organization to which they donated. After a successful fundraiser with Evergreen Industries or… Read More

Planning Your First Fundraiser? Don’t Miss These School Fundraising Tips

School groups of all types rely on fundraising efforts to support their activities. Whether it’s a product sale or a special event, planning these fundraisers usually requires hours of hard work by leaders and volunteers.… Read More

Pros and Cons of Fundraising Letters

For decades, nonprofit groups have fundraising letters to reach potential donors. With one mass letter, they could reach hundreds of people. If even a small percentage of people respond, an organization may be able to… Read More

Dialing for Dollars? Are Fundraising Phone Calls a Thing of the Past?

At one time, the best way to reach a large number of people quickly was to pick up the phone and call them. For fundraising groups, this meant coming up with a script that was… Read More

5 Fundraising Mistakes and Missteps

Fundraising groups and nonprofits rely heavily on the money they raise through their fundraising efforts. Whether they use the money for a specific program or put it into the general fund, the funds an organization… Read More

The Sales Aid Generator: An Evergreen Perk

Last year, we launched a new tool for our customers, and we’re happy to say they loved it! It’s much easier now for each group to create the custom sales aides that they need. Our… Read More

Why Evergreen Industries?

We know that, when you’re searching for fundraising products, you have some big choices to make. What products should you use, and what company should you buy them from? There are some companies that provide… Read More

How to Set Accurate Fundraising Goals

One of the most important parts of putting together a fundraiser is setting an overall goal for how much cash you’re hoping to bring in. Along with being important, though, it can also be really… Read More

More Summer Activities for Youth Groups

Last summer, we wrote a blog post with some ideas for summer activities for youth groups. Now, we’re adding onto that list! Here are some more ideas for summer activities for youth groups. Scavenger Hunt… Read More

Fundraising Incentive Ideas

Sometimes, it’s just much easier for a kid (or an adult!) to fundraise if there’s an awesome incentive involved. Yes, big trips count and are awesome, but having smaller, more tangible “right now” incentives could… Read More

Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas 2016

Fundraising is an important part of being a Boy Scout. To make all those fun group activities happen, the group has to have enough budget to make it work. Fundraising is a great learning and… Read More

Email Marketing for Fundraising Groups: How to Get Results Without Spamming Your Friends

When nonprofits and groups who are fundraising need to get the word out about the work they’re doing, they first often turn to their own personal networks. Friends, family members, and coworkers are usually the… Read More

Fundraising Tips – Improve Your Fundraising Efforts with Snapchat & Instagram

Adults may spend most of their time on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but if you’re looking for younger generations, you won’t find them there. In fact, millennials and Generation Z-ers spend… Read More

How to Keep Your Wreath Fundraiser On Track

At Evergreen Industries, we’ve been helping people with their Christmas wreath fundraisers for over 50 years. Each year, we go through the process of planning the season, harvesting greenery, painting pine cones, hiring and training… Read More

The Advantages of Planning Your Christmas Fundraiser in Spring

Here we are in March of 2016, and much of the country is experiencing a lovely early spring. That can make thinking about Christmas fundraising seem a little wrong, but it’s actually a great idea… Read More

2016 Top Fundraising Trend: Technology

As society as a whole becomes even more dependent upon technology for all kinds of tasks, we know that fundraising will also become more technology-based. Now that the new year is upon us, let’s take… Read More

Creative Fundraiser Ideas In Addition to Wreaths

Chances are, your group has to have several fundraisers per year in order to complete all of your projects, go on planned trips, and provide the group with the resources you need to be productive.… Read More

Using Facebook Ads for Your Wreath Fundraiser

Are you hoping to reach more customers than ever this year with your Christmas wreath fundraiser? Need to raise more for your group? If you’re a Facebook user, you might want to consider running Facebook… Read More

Eco-Friendly Fundraising Grows in Popularity

Today, consumers and businesses are increasingly concerned about the environment. Preserving the planet for future generations is critical, and innovative technology has made it easier to make better choices. This concern about the environment has… Read More

Creative Ways to Announce Your Fundraiser

Whether you’re staging your very first fundraiser or you’ve done it many times, announcing your fundraiser and getting the word out can be harder than it sounds! If you’re stuck in a rut with how… Read More

Your Fundraising Timeline

Navigating a fundraiser can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never lead one before! Use this timeline as a guide to running a successful fundraiser. 9-12 Months Before If it isn’t already, put your leadership team… Read More

Direct Ship Products: Another Great Way to Fundraise

Did you know that we offer some direct ship products, in addition to our traditional fundraising products? Yes, we can ship products directly to your customers’ doors! They’ll arrive fresh and conveniently packaged via UPS… Read More

4 Tips for a Winning Fundraiser Letter

A fundraiser letter is a great way to kick off your campaign, letting potential donors know that you’re raising money. While you’ll likely have many opportunities to raise funds in the coming months, your letter… Read More

6 Tips for Planning a Dinner Fundraiser

Dinner fundraisers are great for getting the word out about your organization, as well as a way to raise a large amount of money quickly. Many organizations find that one event each year is enough… Read More

What it Takes to Make a Beautiful Christmas Wreath – The Evergreen Timeline

When many people think of wreaths, they think of the last couple of months of the year. It’s assumed that the rest of the year, wreath manufacturers simply hibernate, waiting for the next Christmas season… Read More

Summertime Activities for Youth Groups

Summertime is on its way! Does your youth group have plans this summer, outside of the normal duties/activities? It can sometimes be difficult to come up with great activities that the whole group can take… Read More

Boost Your Fundraising Success by Combining It with an Event

Raising money for your youth group or other nonprofit organization can be challenging. There are likely a large number of people in your own town who would be happy to help out if only you… Read More

5 Tips for Effectively Helping Your Child with a Fundraiser

Fundraising can be a great way for children to learn effective communication and money management skills, as well as how to set goals and work as part of a team. But children often need assistance… Read More

Teaching “Friendly Competition” with Your Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a great opportunity to teach kids about friendly competition. Encouraging competition among fundraising participants is a good way to help them do their very best. However, it can also turn a fun activity… Read More

4 Things Kids Can Learn from Fundraising

Fundraising campaigns are a great way to bring in money to support your youth organization’s efforts. You can pay for trips and buy much-needed supplies using the money you earn through each campaign. In the… Read More

Fundraising Etiquette Tips You Should Follow

As another fundraising season begins, nonprofits should stop to plan their efforts before beginning. During this planning phase, it’s important to remind everyone in your organization of a few basic rules every fundraiser should follow.… Read More

How to Keep Your Fundraiser Running Smoothly During Board Transitions

From year to year, organizations often learn and grow from their fundraising efforts. Leaders come up with new strategies based on what worked and what didn’t work the previous year. Ideally, the same leaders would… Read More

5 Rules of Scout Fundraisers

Many Boy Scout troops rely on fundraisers to pay for trips and extra supplies. The fundraisers themselves can offer a learning opportunity to troop members, giving them the chance to learn responsibility and meet others… Read More

The Impact of an Accurate Fundraising List for School Fundraisers

If you’ve ever tried to manage a mailing list, you likely know how quickly it can become outdated. From one year to the next, workers change jobs, businesses and individuals move, and phone numbers and… Read More

How Fundraising Incentives Can Help with Your Next Drive

In recent years, fundraising groups have heavily debated the topic of encouraging participants to sell through incentives. Whether it’s a special prize for the winning group or a series of prizes for top sellers, there… Read More

Promoting Health with Your Youth Fundraiser

The focus on many youth-related activities recently has been health and wellness. In an age when we’re trying to make sure our youth gets the right amount of daily exercise and diet requirements, you can… Read More

4 Post Fundraiser Wrap-Up Tips

Organizations work hard to deploy a successful fundraiser, spending months planning and pooling all available resources. Eventually, any fundraiser will come to an end, allowing participants to finally take a break after weeks of hard… Read More

Downloadable “Top Seller” Certificate

Want to hand out certificates of recognition to your group’s top sellers? Or maybe everyone in your group did a spectacular job, and they all deserve a certificate? Here’s one that you can download and… Read More

Accounting Tips and Your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

For a nonprofit, proper accounting procedures are vital, especially in the time surrounding a fundraiser. The funds that are raised and spent as a result of fundraising efforts will usually undergo intense scrutiny by auditors,… Read More

Tips and Tricks for Selling Christmas Wreaths Door to Door

Raising funds can be challenging, especially when people have grown accustomed to avoiding sales pitches. Door-to-door sales can be particularly difficult, since many homeowners now avoid answering the door, even when a child is standing… Read More

Fundraising Products: Popcorn vs. Christmas Wreaths

When you’re choosing a product or multiple products to use for your fundraiser, it’s easy to fall on an old standby, like popcorn. If you’ve been selling popcorn for years, it’s hard to even consider… Read More

Youth Fundraising? 4 Tips to Perfect Your Sales Pitch

When you think of the many skills that are essential to bringing money in for a youth organization or church group, you may not consider sales ability as one of them. You aren’t, after all,… Read More

3 Tips for Collecting Payments for Your Boy Scout Wreath Fundraiser

You work hard to raise money for your troop, but when it comes time to collect, you may be challenged to track everyone down. Even though you don’t deliver the product until you get the… Read More

How Social Media Can Help with This Year’s Wreath Sales

As you plan this year’s fundraiser, you may automatically go back to the strategies you’ve employed in previous years. While getting the word out about your fundraising efforts via traditional methods is still a good… Read More

Boy Scout Wreaths: Helping Communities Decorate for Christmas

Across the country, fall means one thing for the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts head out into the community for the annual wreath sale. Through this sale, Boy Scout troops are able to pay for… Read More

Sports Fundraisers – Promoting Your Fundraiser at the Big Game

In this tough economy, youth football teams often face challenges in tackling the many fees associated with practicing and playing. Young teams must pay club fees, cost of equipment and uniforms, and travel expenses, among… Read More

The Path to Boy Scout Wreaths Fundraising Success: An Infographic

Selling boy scout wreaths this year? Follow these tips to make it a success! Ready to begin your fundraiser? Visit our fundraising product catalog.… Read More

Writing a Killer Football Fundraising Letter

When it’s time for your football team to raise funds, your best bet is to reach out to as many people as possible. A fundraising letter is a great way to gain interest, whether you… Read More

Reaping the Rewards of a Successful Fundraiser

Each summer, Boy Scouts head off on fun adventures, filled with learning opportunities and bonding activities. To fund these summertime excursions, troops generally hold fundraisers throughout the year, relying on community dollars to offset travel… Read More

Church Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising as a church youth group can not only be fun, but it can also teach youth about responsibility and help them get more involved with the church and interacting with the congregation. After you’ve… Read More

Having a Fundraiser? Increase Participation with These Tips

Fundraising is an important part of many organizations’ work, bringing in much-needed money and helping you meet your goals. For schools, it can mean an educational trip to a local historical attraction for students. For… Read More

School Fundraisers – The Impact of Keeping a Good List

If you’ve ever tried to manage a mailing list, you likely know how quickly it can become outdated. From one year to the next, workers change jobs, businesses and individuals move, and phone numbers and… Read More

Sustainable Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Churches, and Organizations

Each year, Earth Day reminds communities of the importance of preserving the planet’s natural resources. For churches and schools, as well as many nonprofits, it’s a cause that’s close to the heart, since these organizations… Read More

Creative Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Fundraiser

When it’s time to participate in or lead a fundraiser, getting the word out can sometimes be the hardest part. Going door to door can get pretty tiring, and kids often just don’t want to… Read More

Tips for Running a Successful Fundraising Program

If you’ve been given the role of leading a fundraiser, it can often be difficult to know where to start. Should the committee start by working on gathering volunteers or coming up with ideas? Should… Read More

3 Tips for Successful Fundraising

The Evergreen Industries team has worked with thousands of fundraising groups over the past 50 years: Boy Scout troops, soccer teams, school organizations, church groups, and more. We’ve seen it all when it comes to… Read More

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