Christmas Wreaths

From the Forest to Your Door

Have you ever wondered where that beautiful evergreen wreath came from?  What evergreen tree gave that gorgeous green and who assembled it? We can tell you with confidence and that all Evergreen products are sustainably… Read More

Tips for Keeping Your Evergreen Decorations Fresh

It’s that wonderful time of year when decorations are popping up on rows of houses and you’re no doubt thinking about how to keep your wreaths, trees, and other holiday decor looking beautiful for the entire holiday season. We’ve...… Read More

It’s Never Too Early to Start Selling

Whether you’re thinking about Christmas in July or it’s already pumpkin season, the sooner you hit the road, the more successful your fundraiser will be. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of pre-holiday fundraising.… Read More

You’re Teaching Sustainability in Elementary School, but What About in Fundraising Efforts?

In order to truly teach sustainability in school, it needs to go beyond the classroom. Let's look at sustainable fundraising options for students.… Read More

Raise Funds Online with Our Friends & Family Program

With just a click of the mouse, your organization’s supporters can purchase Hand made Fragrant Balsam Fir products and other Decorative items, directing them to be delivered to their front door.… Read More

We Love Our Customers – A Look Back At Our Year With Them

After our season wraps up at the end of the holidays, we finally have a minute to breathe and reflect on it all come January and February. This year, we surveyed 200 customers to receive… Read More

How to Recycle Your Christmas Wreaths and Trees

We love our Christmas wreaths and all the joy they bring to each person who received one. One thing we don’t love? The idea that a Christmas wreath or tree could contribute to waste. There… Read More

Top Fundraiser Products | Evergreen Industries Fundraising Products Besides Wreaths

Besides our top-selling fundraising wreaths, we have some products that switch up the classic holiday decor. Check out the options below and if you’re ready to talk about fundraising, fill out our organizational data sheet.… Read More

Top Fundraiser Products | Evergreen Industries Fundraising Wreaths

This season, Evergreen Industries is busy filling wreath orders as schools, scouts, churches and beyond kick off their fundraisers. If you’re pondering Christmas decor and curious about our products, here’s a good place to start.… Read More

Door-to-Door Sales Tactics to Guide Your Wreath Fundraiser Efforts

It has never been easy to walk right up to a front door and deliver a sales pitch. It’s especially difficult now as people are so jaded by this tactic. However, your child’s wreath fundraiser… Read More

School Fundraiser Ideas: Why Sales-Based is the Way to Success

There’s some hesitance from PTO boards and parents when it comes to product and sales-based fundraising. They take a lot of coordination, they last longer than a one-off event and students need to be willing… Read More

Sustainable Fundraising: Why We Do It & How It Works [Infographic]

When you’re looking through fundraiser options for sports teams, Boy Scouts, church groups or the like, there are so many possibilities it can be overwhelming. However, if you think of the fundraiser you choose as… Read More

Local Hockey Team Grateful for Evergreen & Our Online Fundraising Tools

A hockey team in a neighboring town to Evergreen’s headquarters shared this story with us. Their goal was to raise enough money to buy new uniforms. They didn’t think it was possible, due to the… Read More

Christmas Fundraisers: How to Choose Products & Stay on Track

Christmas fundraisers can be a wonderful way to bring in some money for your group. Buyers are looking for great products to give as gifts to their friends and neighbors, and you can give them… Read More

Why Evergreen Industries?

We know that, when you’re searching for fundraising products, you have some big choices to make. What products should you use, and what company should you buy them from? There are some companies that provide… Read More

The Advantages of Planning Your Christmas Fundraiser in Spring

Here we are in March of 2016, and much of the country is experiencing a lovely early spring. That can make thinking about Christmas fundraising seem a little wrong, but it’s actually a great idea… Read More

Watch Our Brand New Video

Want an inside look at how our beautiful fundraising products are assembled? Check out our new video!… Read More

Using Facebook Ads for Your Wreath Fundraiser

Are you hoping to reach more customers than ever this year with your Christmas wreath fundraiser? Need to raise more for your group? If you’re a Facebook user, you might want to consider running Facebook… Read More

6 Tips for Planning a Dinner Fundraiser

Dinner fundraisers are great for getting the word out about your organization, as well as a way to raise a large amount of money quickly. Many organizations find that one event each year is enough… Read More

What it Takes to Make a Beautiful Christmas Wreath – The Evergreen Timeline

When many people think of wreaths, they think of the last couple of months of the year. It’s assumed that the rest of the year, wreath manufacturers simply hibernate, waiting for the next Christmas season… Read More

Christmas Tree and Wreath Care Tips

For many families, a live Christmas tree and wreath are annual tradition, from picking out the tree and bringing it home to decorating it while sipping eggnog and listening to Christmas carols. But as many… Read More

Downloadable “Top Seller” Certificate

Want to hand out certificates of recognition to your group’s top sellers? Or maybe everyone in your group did a spectacular job, and they all deserve a certificate? Here’s one that you can download and… Read More

Delivering Good Holiday Cheer with Christmas Wreaths: Manners & Etiquette

When it’s time to deliver the Christmas wreaths your group worked so hard at selling, you can deliver good cheer along with the wreaths! Especially if you’re working with younger kids, it’s easy for them… Read More

Accounting Tips and Your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

For a nonprofit, proper accounting procedures are vital, especially in the time surrounding a fundraiser. The funds that are raised and spent as a result of fundraising efforts will usually undergo intense scrutiny by auditors,… Read More

Tips and Tricks for Selling Christmas Wreaths Door to Door

Raising funds can be challenging, especially when people have grown accustomed to avoiding sales pitches. Door-to-door sales can be particularly difficult, since many homeowners now avoid answering the door, even when a child is standing… Read More

Setting Goals for Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

The Christmas season approaches quickly, bringing with it a long list of things to do. For nonprofits, it also brings a great opportunity to raise funds. Christmas-themed fundraisers are popular with both businesses and consumers,… Read More

Fundraising Products: Popcorn vs. Christmas Wreaths

When you’re choosing a product or multiple products to use for your fundraiser, it’s easy to fall on an old standby, like popcorn. If you’ve been selling popcorn for years, it’s hard to even consider… Read More

Christmas Wreaths, A Rich Tradition

Many people have grown accustomed to seeing Christmas wreaths on doors throughout their neighborhoods, especially during the month of December. While our generation thinks of wreaths as a great way to show our festive spirit,… Read More

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