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Getting Parents Involved

Children may be the heart and soul of scouting, but parents play a crucial role, as well. When moms and dads are engaged in a troop’s activities, everyone benefits, especially the kids.… Read More

Digital Tools for Scouts

Technology powers everything we do. With the right apps, you can shop, stay in touch with faraway relatives, and even plan your next vacation. Explore top digital tools for scouts! … Read More

New to Leading a Troop? 5 Easy Tips

If you’re new to leading a troop, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are a few tips that can help you get started.… Read More

The Best Scout Blogs to Follow

Blogs can be one of the best resources for a scout leader. We’ve gathered some of our favorites to help you out. Take a look!… Read More

Scout Recruitment Ideas for the New Year

Scouting is a rewarding venture, whether you’re with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, or Brownies. Your role is to guide and shape the next generation, helping them become productive, honorable members of society. … Read More

Gift Giving Guide for the Scout in Your Family

For the nature-loving Scout in your family, we have ten fun gifts that are sure to be a hit. Take a look! … Read More

What #Giving Tuesday Means for Your Local Troop

Every December 3rd, consumers across the world get involved in #GivingTuesday, a generosity movement that seeks to tap into a very busy shopping week. Once they’re finished checking a few items off their gift lists,… Read More

Create a Campaign Video to Promote Your Troop’s Efforts

Your troop works hard to bring in money for your various fundraisers throughout the year, but there’s only so far they can spread the message. As troop leaders, it’s important that you include promotion as… Read More

Fundraising Letters: Boost Your Fundraising Sales! [Free Template]

Boy Scouts have been around for over 100 years, which really is great as the organization has resulted in positive experiences for many children.  When an organization has existed for that long however, potential buyers… Read More

Boy Scout Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts

The Boy Scouts have policies in place when it comes to fundraising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and be creative with your fundraiser. In fact, the organization encourages autonomy among troops as… Read More

Helping a Scout Who Isn’t Excited About Fundraising

For youth-oriented nonprofits like Boy Scouts, children are an important part of fundraising efforts. If you can engage your troops in raising money, you’ll probably find you get better results since, after all, they’re the… Read More

Boy Scout Games to Engage Your Troops

Leading a group of Boy Scouts is always a challenge, whether you’re overseeing a troop meeting or planning your next outing. Luckily, Boy Scouts are fairly resourceful on their own, but one of the best… Read More

Summer Activity Ideas for Girl Scouts

Summer days can be long, especially for our active children. You’ve probably tapped out your usual list of fun activities in the first couple of weeks, leaving you to try to come up with new… Read More

Boy Scout and Girl Scout Meeting ideas

Keeping the attention of a roomful of busy young people isn’t easy, as you probably know all too well. For troop leaders, it’s important to have meetings that members look forward to attending, which means… Read More

Boy Scout Recruitment Ideas

The Boy Scouts of America is already a well-known organization, with a top reputation and plenty of brand recognition. All of the recognition considered, recruiting new Scouts can still be a bit of a challenge,… Read More

Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

The Girl Scouts may be known for their cookie sales, but Boy Scouts can put on a pretty good fundraiser themselves. Troops have the flexibility to choose their own fundraisers and with the money they… Read More

Boy Scouts: Where to Camp with Your Troop in MN

Your Boy Scout troop has put serious work into raising enough money for a camping trip, and now it’s time to have fun! But where can you go to find the biggest selection of activities,… Read More

Finding the Right Product for Your Boy Scout Fundraiser

Each year, the Boy Scouts work hard to raise money to help pay for activities, maintain their camps, and otherwise support their local troops. But unlike other nonprofits, the Boy Scouts have the freedom to… Read More

5 Rules of Scout Fundraisers

This post has been updated since it’s original published date of February 26, 2015. Many Boy Scout troops rely on fundraisers to pay for trips and extra supplies. The fundraisers themselves can offer a learning… Read More

The National Certificate of Merit Awarded to This Scout for Saving a Life

We have been proud to serve Scouts for over 50 years through their fundraising efforts. When we read a headline like this, that pride only grows. We have always admired the solid skills and values… Read More

Creative Valentine’s for Kids – 5 Simple & Affordable Ideas to Try This Year

Working with Boy Scouts, church groups and schools in their fundraisers, we love helping kids partake in memorable experiences. Along with that, we like to save people money throughout the year, as we know how… Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Scouts (and Their Leaders)

New Year’s is the perfect time for Scouts and troop leaders to take on new goals and start their best year yet. Though New Year’s resolutions get a lot of heat, with a concrete plan… Read More

Boy Scout Halloween Games and Bonding Activities

Halloween comes at the perfect point in the school year. The initial thrill of the start of the school year has worn off and Thanksgiving break is still too far away. Plus if your troop… Read More

How Boy Scout Fundraising Leaders Can Maximize on Incentive-Based Fundraising

There are several tactics you as a leader or parent can use to help maximize your Boy Scout troop’s or individual Scout’s fundraising efforts. But since they’re just kids—meaning it’s unlikely they fully understand the… Read More

Boy Scouts History: The Story & Timeline from Evergreen

Since our beginning, Evergreen has worked with numerous Boy Scout Troops on their fundraising efforts. In fact, over 50 years ago, Joe Ahern sold wreaths door-to-door in order to raise money for his own scouting… Read More

Boy Scout Camping Checklist

You have raised the funds you need for an awesome adventure this summer – congrats! Now, you want to be sure the trip is worth its weight in gold. What you don’t want to do… Read More

Boy Scout Meeting Ideas to Get Your Troop in Gear

Do your scouts ever seem less than excited about your meeting? As a leader you have a lot of logistics to go through – updates on their next fundraiser, for example. Once you get through… Read More

The Four Stages of a Fundraiser

When planning out your fundraiser, you may feel overwhelmed. You’re in charge of many moving pieces and you want to make sure nothing gets neglected. Where should you start? In our Boy Scout Wreath Fundraising… Read More

Why Evergreen Industries?

We know that, when you’re searching for fundraising products, you have some big choices to make. What products should you use, and what company should you buy them from? There are some companies that provide… Read More

The Perks of Scout Fundraising: High Adventure Trips!

Above: A Troop celebrates the completion of their trek at Philmont Scout Ranch. Summer is finally in full swing, and it’s time to put those wreath fundraising dollars to use! There are some pretty amazing… Read More

Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas 2016

Fundraising is an important part of being a Boy Scout. To make all those fun group activities happen, the group has to have enough budget to make it work. Fundraising is a great learning and… Read More

2016 Top Fundraising Trend: Technology

As society as a whole becomes even more dependent upon technology for all kinds of tasks, we know that fundraising will also become more technology-based. Now that the new year is upon us, let’s take… Read More

Using Facebook Ads for Your Wreath Fundraiser

Are you hoping to reach more customers than ever this year with your Christmas wreath fundraiser? Need to raise more for your group? If you’re a Facebook user, you might want to consider running Facebook… Read More

5 Rules of Scout Fundraisers

Many Boy Scout troops rely on fundraisers to pay for trips and extra supplies. The fundraisers themselves can offer a learning opportunity to troop members, giving them the chance to learn responsibility and meet others… Read More

Downloadable “Top Seller” Certificate

Want to hand out certificates of recognition to your group’s top sellers? Or maybe everyone in your group did a spectacular job, and they all deserve a certificate? Here’s one that you can download and… Read More

Boy Scout Halloween Traditions

Many people don’t realize the role the Boy Scouts of America played a fundamental role in Halloween as we know it today. In the early part of the 20th century, Halloween celebrations centered on pranks… Read More

Boy Scouts Earn Merit Badges through Fundraising

For a Boy Scout, merit badges are the quickest way to achieving Eagle Scout status. There are more than 130 different merit badges, covering everything from bugling to stamp collecting, each geared toward helping young… Read More

Evergreen Industries and the Boy Scouts: A Long-Term Partnership

Wreaths have become a valuable fundraising tool for many Boy Scout troops, allowing them to raise money by offering an eye-catching product that is in demand during the holiday season. But many don’t realize Evergreen… Read More

The Path to Boy Scout Wreaths Fundraising Success: An Infographic

Selling boy scout wreaths this year? Follow these tips to make it a success! Ready to begin your fundraiser? Visit our fundraising product catalog.… Read More

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