Digital Tools for Scouts

Tim Ahern | February 27, 2020
Digital Apps

Technology powers everything we do. With the right apps, you can shop, stay in touch with faraway relatives, and even plan your next vacation. For today’s generation of Scouts, apps have opened up learning opportunities, as well as made it easier to manage and market their fundraisers.

But you may not even realize all the digital tools now available for Scouts, their leaders, and their parents. Here are a few of our favorites.

Digital Cookie

At the start of every year, Girl Scout troops launch the year’s cookie sales. Soon after, hungry buyers start looking around for ways to buy them. The Digital Cookie app gives Scouts the support they need as they learn basic business skills. You can set goals and track your progress toward reaching those goals. You can even set up a website where your friends and social media followers can order cookies and have them shipped directly to them, with the credit going directly to you.


Scoutbook is Boy Scouts of America’s online tool, used by troop leaders across the country. Through the app, leaders can prepare lesson plans, track meeting attendance, and manage each member’s advancement up the ranks. But it’s also a valuable communication tool. Parents can keep up with what’s going on and Scouts can customize their profiles and share updates with friends and family members. Through the app, Scouts can also track progress toward earning merit badges and upload photos and information to show troop leaders later.


Both Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops can track and manage activity through TroopTrack, which makes it easy to set goals and monitor your progress toward achieving them. You’ll need an account to use the mobile app, which interacts with your TroopTrack account. Leaders can share photos, send emails, and record attendance and participation using the app. Parents can log in at any time to find out if they owe money, monitor a child’s progress, or get news and information. You can get the same experience through the website, but the mobile app makes it handy to check things on the go.


If parents and Scouts want their own app, without leader involvement, Scouting may be a better option. This app is specific to Boy Scouts, tracking the entire experience from Lion to Eagle Scout. You’ll need to create an account and verify your connection to the organization. Once connected up, though, you’ll be able to access information from the Scoutbook app. Like Scoutbook, you can use the Scouting app to track advancement and log activities, but some prefer to be able to do this separately from the troop, which is where this app comes in. Best of all, you can use the app offline, so camping in the woods won’t stop you from tracking your activities.

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