The Best Scout Blogs to Follow

Tim Ahern | January 30, 2020

Scouting isn’t just an activity, it’s a way of life! As a passionate scout leader, you’re no doubt eager to learn as much as you can about how to give your troops the best experience this year. Tips that can help you put some fun into your camping trips and troop meetings can be especially helpful. But where can you get easy access to these tips?

Blogs can be one of the best resources for a scout leader. We’ve gathered some of our favorites to help you out. Look through the list and add the ones you like to your bookmarks or, better yet, subscribe to be notified when a new post goes live.

Camping Blogs

Camping has become closely associated with scouting, and it can be a great way for your young members to make memories and bond. But regularly coming up with ideas for locations and activities can challenge even the most creative troop leaders. Here are a few popular blogs that can help.

·  50 Campfires ­– If you want expert tips on camping, this is the perfect resource. You’ll get everything from great campfire cooking recipes to gear reviews.

·  REI Co-op Journal ­– This blog focuses on “the life well-lived outside,” offering tips for camping, outdoor sports, gear to buy, and more. REI also has a podcast that can prove useful to adventurous scoutmasters.

·  Camping with Style – Find cool locations and advice on activities like “glamping” with this blog.

Boy Scout-Specific Blogs

Boy Scout leaders are always looking for ways to keep their members engaged. The below blogs can provide just the inspiration you need.

·  Scouting Wire – For keeping up with the latest news, you can’t beat the official news source of the Boy Scouts of America. You’ll get some great leadership tips, as well as learning more about what other troops are doing.

·  Bryan on Scouting – This blog is the official blog of Scouting, a magazine from Boy Scouts of America. You’ll get useful tips, stories about scouts and their leaders, and camping hacks.

·  Scouter Mom – Written by a den leader and mom to two scouts, this blog tackles the issues parents grapple with. Topics include helping kids with social anxiety, activity ideas, badge requirements, and more.

Girl Scout-Specific Blogs

Girl Scout leaders are always looking for inspiration, and the below blogs can definitely help.

·  Girl Scouts of Western Ohio – This council routinely offers resources to leaders and members in the form of this blog, which replaces a previous newsletter distributed at meetings and through email. You’ll get ideas for activities, safety tips, and more.

·  Girl Scouts of Colorado – You don’t have to be in Colorado to benefit from the information provided on this blog. It’s packed with news specific to local troops, but it also includes great tips and news about opportunities available nationwide.

·  GSBlog – The official blog from Girl Scouts of America is definitely worth adding to your reading list. One of the best things about this blog is the coverage of the girls around the world who are taking part in the organization. As you’re subscribing to the above blogs, be sure to add our blog to the list. We offer tips for fundraising, camping, improving your troop meetings, and much more. Click here to check out our latest tips.