Top ways to boost nonprofit fundraising through social media

Tim Ahern | January 16, 2020

Whether you want to see what’s happening with friends or get information on local businesses, chances are social media is one of your first stops. The same goes for many of the people who live in your community. As a nonprofit, asking for money is never easy, but with the right marketing approach, you can easily get the word out and generate excitement about your organization. Here are a few ways you can use social media to get more out of each fundraising campaign.

Choose the Right Platform

When it comes to connecting with people online, no two platforms are created equal. Most adults are on Facebook, regardless of age, but you’ll often find teens and young adults on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Some nonprofits choose to set up a presence on multiple sites to reach more people, but if you have trouble updating and checking each account on a regular basis, this could result in inconsistency. Instead, you may want to put all your energy into one platform.

Engage the Community

Successful fundraisers know it’s all about relationship building, and social media makes it much easier to do that. If your supporters follow you on social media, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to connect with them throughout the year. Resist the temptation to only post when you’re collecting money. Share news all year, including images showcasing how your fundraisers help your members. For scouting organizations, sharing images or video from camping trips could show where fundraising dollars go.

Have a Contest

Convincing your supporters to share news about your fundraiser can be tricky, so why not get a little healthy competition going? As your supporters share the news on social media, track the results and create a leaderboard to incentivize members to work harder. Even if you only offer a small prize to the winner, you’ll find a little competition goes a long way.

Use Images

If you’re selling products, there’s nothing like a good picture. In 2020, images are more valuable on social media than ever as shoppers increasingly head to their favorite platforms to find products. Instagram and Pinterest are based on sharing images but you can use photos to tell your brand story on any platform. Share photos of any products you’re selling and make sure your posts include information on how to order.

Offer a Deal

There’s nothing like a good deal to generate participation. If possible, use promotions like friends and family deals to make your online followers feel special when you’re selling products to raise funds. For best results, make it clear that these are limited-time offers, possibly even opening the opportunity up for a few days prior to putting your products up for sale to the general public. The time-sensitive nature of these offers typically encourages people to take action when they otherwise might wait until your campaign is nearing an end.

Whether you’re promoting your fundraising online or locally, we have tips that can help you get great results. Download our free fundraising guide for plenty of tips on organizing, promoting, and managing your next fundraiser.