Why Evergreen? What makes Evergreen unique?

Tim Ahern | November 19, 2019

Over the 55 years that Evergreen Industries has been in business, the industry has seen many changes. The company was started by Joe Ahern, whose father taught him how to make wreaths in the 1940s. Soon after, he was selling his wreaths door to door in order to generate income for scouting camp, kicking off a tradition that continues today.

The reason for selling wreaths hasn’t changed much over the decades, but the products have. All of Evergreen’s products are sourced using sustainable practices, with a focus on the authenticity consumers crave from the businesses they support. Below are some of the top features setting Evergreen apart from others in the industry.

Generations of Authenticity

At Evergreen Industries, family is a top priority. Starting with Ahern’s own family, the company was built on generations of relatives working side by side. Today, Evergreen employs multiple generations of families to work in all areas of operations to provide the family-oriented environment they prefer.

The result of this family-oriented approach is that each product is built with care. Greenery is sourced with an eye for detail and when it arrives, team members handcraft wreaths that any family would be proud to hang on their own front door. Customer service representatives work directly with each organization to ensure their orders are not only accurate but arrive in plenty of time to distribute to supporters.

Top-Quality Products

From the time you begin looking through the Evergreen holiday catalog, you notice the difference. Evergreen’s products are put together using balsam fir or red cedar and decorated with top-quality ornamentation. In addition to wreaths, organizations can also offer garland and other swag to give supporters plenty of options.

Evergreen holds itself to its high-quality standards by providing an unconditional guarantee with every order. If anything arrives damaged or there are any shortages, Evergreen will take care of it. Just report it within ten days and you’ll be covered.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Although sustainability has become popular in recent years, Evergreen has always kept an eye out for the environment. Greenery is harvested from the outer branches of each tree, which preserves the integrity of the inner tree, allowing it to continue to thrive. By the time harvesting season comes around again, a new section of outer greenery is available for harvesting.

Once sourced, products are assembled by hand, so there’s no need to worry about pollutants from equipment and machinery. Employees are hired locally, as well, which furthers Evergreen’s contribution to the community.

With decades of history and generations of family members invested in the process, Evergreen Industry remains a leader in fundraising products. The sustainable processes used to create its products put Evergreen ahead of other nonprofit fundraising product providers. But the company’s deep roots in the local community make it a treasured resource for fundraisers of all types.

For more information on Evergreen, the products they sell, and the people who work hard to create its wreaths and other items, check out Evergreen’s fundraising tips. The information will help you as you plan your next fundraiser.