How Impactful is Fundraising for Kids?

Tim Ahern | November 7, 2019

The classroom isn’t the only place children learn. They also gain valuable information from their extracurricular activities and hobbies, as well as the time they spend with friends and family. If you run a youth-based nonprofit, you’ve probably already seen the benefits children and young adults get from participating in activities.


When those children help out with your fundraiser, those benefits are even greater. Here are a few ways fundraisers help the kids who participate.

Kids Gain Confidence

Whatever the type of fundraiser you’re having, your little helpers have to summon a certain amount of courage to participate. Although they’ll typically be chaperoned by an adult, approaching strangers to talk about your nonprofit is a real confidence-booster. It will build a foundation that will someday help as they interview for jobs and meet with college recruiters.

Kids Develop Business Skills

No matter what career they’ll eventually choose, it can never hurt to learn basic business skills. Those can translate to whatever they end up doing.

  • Sales – Some children have natural sales ability, while others have to work on it. Whether they take to it or not, though, learning to convince someone else to invest in something is a valuable skill.
  • Finance – The process of trying to meet a financial goal can teach youth about the money involved in running a business, especially if you use it as a teaching opportunity.
  • Marketing – They learn the benefits of getting the word out about the work they’re doing, especially as they work with their parents to communicate about your fundraiser on social media.
  • Teamwork – It’s never too early to learn the value of teamwork, particularly since kids will often need to work with others in school sports and on class assignments.
  • Goal-Setting – A large part of fundraising is setting a goal and striving to achieve it. This skill will come in handy later in life.

Kids Experience the Thrill of Achieving Goals

Setting a goal is only the first step. Children also need to feel the thrill of achieving a goal, especially if they’re part of a team that gets them together. They won’t forget that feeling as they move forward in life, and it will help sustain them as they face challenges in their future efforts.

Kids Have Fun

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the friendships children make. That holds true whether it’s a camping trip or a scout meeting. When you make planning your fundraiser and celebrating your successes fun, it creates lasting memories. But they’ll also be creating memories through each step of the fundraising process, particularly if they’re meeting new people and raising money with their friends. The more fun you can inject into your activities, the more benefits your young members will get from them.

Fundraising is a great way to get the money your nonprofit needs. But for youth-oriented nonprofits, it also provides great opportunities to learn and grow. Find ways to make sure your youngest members are having fun and gaining valuable life skills as they work hard for their favorite organization.