Create a Campaign Video to Promote Your Troop’s Efforts

Tim Ahern | September 16, 2019

Your troop works hard to bring in money for your various fundraisers throughout the year, but there’s only so far they can spread the message. As troop leaders, it’s important that you include promotion as part of every fundraiser. But marketing isn’t just something you do when you have an active campaign. You should be building a community throughout the year so that when it is time to raise money, you have an audience already in place.

Video has become one of the top tools used by marketers. There’s a reason for that. Video gives marketers a way to connect with audiences through storytelling, making a far stronger connection than text can. With videos, your troop can help draw in audiences, making them want to support your efforts every year.

The Power of Storytelling

Australian nonprofit One Girl’s fundraising campaign, Do It in a Dress, encourages supporters to wear a dress for one day to support education for girls across the globe. Through its videos, the nonprofit stimulates support by showing the very people impacted by the funds raised.

Your troop can get similar results simply through capturing and sharing videos of your own members having fun. When you head to camp with the money you raised, take along a camera and share the results, even if your next campaign is months away. When donors see where their money went, they’re more likely to feel excited about giving again.

Getting Started

Although it can’t hurt to hire a professional for at least a few of your videos, don’t underestimate the value of capturing the action yourself, using a smartphone. This is especially true for showcasing your various adventures throughout the year. If you’re consistently sharing videos on your social channels, your supporters will remain connected.

It may help to have a YouTube channel for storing all your videos. You can then encourage your scouts and their parents to share the videos across their own social media profiles. This will increase your audience well beyond your own existing followers.

Loop in Your Supporters

When it’s time to create a campaign video, don’t leave out your supporters. Ask your most loyal donors to talk about what they love about your organization. Their authenticity will inspire others.

The best thing about Boy Scouts is that each troop is part of a larger region. That means you can join together and come up with a campaign video that all area troops can use. This allows you to combine resources and get better results. However, you should also continue to share videos individually, as your own supporters will also want how their money will be supporting your troops.

A video marketing strategy is not something you’ll accomplish overnight. However, as you begin shooting and sharing videos across your troop’s social platforms, you’ll find that it becomes more natural. Best of all, your troop members will learn to produce and share videos.

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