Direct Mail Works Too!

Tim Ahern | September 3, 2019

Today’s marketers tend to steer their efforts toward electronic methods, using email, social media, and the internet to reach out to consumers. For nonprofits, digital can be an affordable, quick, and fairly easy way to stay in touch with supporters and potential donors, making it an important part of any marketing strategy.


But in recent years, it’s become clear that direct mail is still relevant. In fact, it may be more valuable than ever, especially if your mailer lands in a mailbox that’s mostly empty. Here are a few ways you can work direct mail into your online fundraising strategy to maximize your results each year.

Benefits of Direct Mail

Although online marketing will always be relevant, studies have highlighted the benefits of physical ads due to the subconscious response they have on recipients. Although online messages can hold a consumer’s attention, one study found that physical ads elicit a more emotional response. While it’s still important to continue your digital campaigns, this connection is definitely a way to improve your results.

Using Direct Mail to Drive Online Efforts

Don’t think of your print campaign as separate from what you’re doing online. Your mailings can be used to supplement your digital campaign. The key is to create a campaign page that makes it easy for potential donors to take action, whether that means giving money, buying products, or registering for your upcoming event. At Evergreen Industries, our Friends and Family program offers a way for people you know to support your fundraiser online! Learn more about it now!

Ensuring Your Mailings Get Attention

There are several techniques you can use to get results from your print mailings, including making the design as eye-catching as possible. If you’re sending a fundraising letter, personalize it as much as possible, while also keeping it short and to the point. Often a full-color postcard that conveys your mission through visuals will get better results than a page of text.

Implementing Your Strategy

With postage costs seemingly always on the rise, it’s important that you make the most of your print marketing campaign. Here are some tips to help you maximize your results.

  • Make it powerful – You should invest serious time and resources into the design of your mailer. Make sure it’s not only eye-catching but also that it accurately represents your organization’s branding.
  • Refine your mailing list – You’ll waste money if you’re sending your mailers using outdated contact information. You can buy or rent a list, but whether you do that or use one you already have, run your list through a validation service to make sure you have the most up-to-date addresses for each person or business.
  • Track your results – Even paper-based marketing efforts can be tracked. You can do that by directing offline respondents to a separate landing page, then monitoring the responses. This insight will help you refine your approach with next year’s fundraising efforts.

Whether you’re reaching out to your audience online or through postal mail, it’s important to ensure your messaging remains consistent. This will help you build a brand that will stay with supporters long after they read your message. For more tips on building successful fundraisers, check out the free fundraising guides available on our website.