Fundraising Letters: Boost Your Fundraising Sales! [Free Template]

Tim Ahern | August 27, 2019

Boy Scouts have been around for over 100 years, which really is great as the organization has resulted in positive experiences for many children. 

When an organization has existed for that long however, potential buyers and donors to your fundraising efforts likely have pre-existing notions about the organization. They may have even bought products from your troop before and in order to engage them again, you need to stand out with a positive impression!  So, how do you do that?

We recommend encouraging your Scouts to send a letter.

Why the fundraising letter?

It’s no secret that we are all bombarded with emails and other digital messages these days. We also live in a world with an incredibly fast pace. Because of our pace of life in general, anything that you want to be noticed have to be engaging and well-crafted. 

The reason a traditional letter is a great way to stand out is because they aren’t used as frequently today. In fact, direct mail pulls a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing medium.  Meaning that you’re more likely to get your donors and buyers to respond to a letter than an email. 

In a nutshell, a letter coming from your Boy Scouts will feel heartfelt and unique, and will be more likely to get a response. Rather than showing up at their doorstep or emailing them with no introduction, this letter will provide a solid foundation for the next steps of the fundraiser.

How to write a fundraising letter

To help your troop out, you can provide them with a tried-and-true template for writing fundraising letters.

The template includes the following components:

    1. Introduction 
      1. Introduce yourself and your troop. 
      2. Explain why you’re writing and what your goal is.
      3. Be genuine and honest! 
    2. Body
      1. Tell your story! 
      2. Make it personal and fun to read! 
    3. Body
      1. End the body of the letter with why you need financial support and how the money will be used. 
      2. Be transparent! 
    4. Conclusion
      1. Show gratitude! 
      2. Say thank you and give them a way to contact you.

If you want to dive deeper into how to format those sections and what sort of writing styles to strive for, read our more in-depth post, “How to Write Your Best Fundraising Letter Ever.”

Download the template for FREE!


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