Boy Scout Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts

Tim Ahern | August 20, 2019

The Boy Scouts have policies in place when it comes to fundraising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and be creative with your fundraiser. In fact, the organization encourages autonomy among troops as they find unique ways to generate local support for their activities.

There are a few major do’s and don’ts that can not only help you comply with scouting policies and local ordinances but will also keep your young troop members safe. Here are some of the most important.

Do Stay Safe at All Times

Safety is top priority with all youth-oriented fundraisers. Your scouts should never go door-to-door alone to sell products, and if they help out with your fundraising events, they should be supervised at all times. As you’re planning, make sure you consider how you’ll keep your younger helpers safe with whatever you choose.

Don’t Miss the Application Process

Projects that are coordinated by the council, such as popcorn or show ticket sales, don’t need special permission. All others, though, will require your troop to complete a Unit Money-Earning Application. You’ll turn the paperwork in to the service center for your council, allowing ample time to get advance approval for your event. In general, you’ll need to demonstrate that your fundraiser will uphold the reputation of the organization.

Do Check Local Laws

The truth is, you can’t just hit the streets with a clipboard, asking for money. Whether you’re going door to door or holding a fall carnival at a local school, check for any permits you may need to raise money. Being part of an established organization will help, but you’ll still need to check local laws.

Don’t Disparage Other Organizations

We all know the Boy Scouts is a great organization. However, it’s in bad form to disparage other organizations when stressing that fact to people. Avoid telling prospective donors they shouldn’t give to other organizations in the area and should instead direct their money your way. Make sure at all times you’re representing Boy Scouts in a positive light.

Do Get Permission to Wear Uniforms

The Boy Scout uniform is approved to be worn at troop meetings and other activities. However, wearing it as you’re out fundraising can make a big impact. Check with your local council to see if you can wear uniforms during your campaign. At the very least, you should get the go-ahead to wear your troop T-shirt with Boy Scout pants or shorts.

Don’t Speak to the Media Without Permission

As you’re out and about, raising funds, you may occasionally get a request to speak to a reporter about what you’re doing. Those media inquiries should be directed to your area council. At the very least, get permission before granting an interview. If your scouts are helping promote your fundraiser on social media, all posts must tag either a troop leader or parent.

Raising funds for your troop can be fun and safe, as long as you put precautions in place. Pay close attention to your results each year and determine how you can improve next year’s campaigns to bring in even more money for your troop’s activities this year! Keep these tips in mind when starting your fundraising initiatives and if you need additional help or resources, feel free to contact us