How to Generate Excitement About Your Fundraiser

Tim Ahern | May 14, 2019

Whether you’re selling products over multiple weeks or you have a one-time event, your upcoming fundraiser brings a prime opportunity to make money for your nonprofit. But a large part of your success depends on getting people to participate. If you can build a buzz as you start to plan for your fundraiser, you’ll find you get better results than if you wait until it actually starts.


The key is to build excitement for your campaign, both among previous supporters and those who haven’t heard of your organization. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Bring Volunteers in Early

When do you first involve your volunteers? If it’s when you’re ready to start training, you may be missing a great opportunity. Instead of waiting until closer to the start of the campaign, recruit and train your volunteers early, and include training instructions on how they can start building awareness for your fundraiser in the weeks leading up to it. Encourage them to use social media and word of mouth to help spread the word!

Host a Kickoff Party

Nothing gets the excitement going like a party. Make the start of each fundraising season a celebration, holding a big party in the early stages. If your fundraiser is an event rather than product sales, you may choose instead to have a celebration for everyone involved in planning and executing of the fundraiser. Over time, your kickoff party will become something your volunteers and team members look forward to, and that excitement will generate naturally.

Use Social Media

You have the best marketing tool at your disposal and, best of all, it’s free. Create a hashtag for your fundraiser and encourage everyone involved in your fundraiser to use it whenever they post on any social media platform. As early as possible, make sure you, your team, and your volunteers are all using the hashtag on a regular basis to start getting the word out. If your fundraiser is an event, distribute the hashtag during the event and encourage everyone to use it.

Reach Out to Past Supporters

The people who have supported your organization in the past are the most likely to be interested in what you’re doing. Send emails to them well in advance of the fundraiser to let them know it’s coming. In those emails, encourage them to let their own friends and family members know. Make sure you’re communicating with your supporters throughout the year, preferably by sharing news and photos of the results of your campaign. If your fundraiser enabled a youth group to take a camping trip, for instance, it’s important to make sure you share images and videos to show how the donations were used.


Successful nonprofits know they have to nurture their audiences throughout the year, not only when a fundraiser is in progress. If you can create relationships with your volunteers and supporters, when it’s time to start the next campaign, they’ll be excited and ready to get started!