Evergreen Celebrates 55 Years of Service!

Tim Ahern | May 6, 2019

Our Evergreen Story

55 years ago this month, Evergreen Industries was started by local Minnesota native Joe Ahern. Joe learned to make evergreen wreaths from his father in the 1940s, he started selling wreaths door-to-door as a kid for scouting camp. As Joe got older, he continued to sell wreaths well into college where he eventually started what is now Evergreen Industries.

55 Years of Service

What started as door-to-door selling has become a company that serves hundreds of wonderful customers each year. The best part of Evergreen has been our amazing staff, customers, and volunteers who continue to work with us and believe in what we do just as much as we do.  We continue our commitment to sustainability and community by harvesting our raw materials from all over our beautiful state and working with multiple generations of families for these last 55 years. Our products have never lacked in quality or consistency and we are so excited to continue that commitment to quality in the next 50 years!

Thank You To All of Our Partners Over these 55 Years!