Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

Tim Ahern | April 30, 2019

The Girl Scouts may be known for their cookie sales, but Boy Scouts can put on a pretty good fundraiser themselves. Troops have the flexibility to choose their own fundraisers and with the money they earn, they can fund activities like camping trips, nature outings, and more. With so many possibilities, your fundraising campaign could very well become a fun activity in itself! Here are some great fundraising ideas to get you started.

Sell Pizza Kits

A pizza kit goes beyond simply providing a delicious meal. Families get excited about buying pizza kits because it’s a family activity that can even kick off a fun tradition. Best of all, you can sell each one at an affordable price, capturing even the most budget-conscious supporters. But one reason pizza kits have become popular for fundraisers is that pizza is a meal many families eat at least once a week. You’re offering something they’d already buy, plus providing the added bonus of supporting local youth!

Partner with Local Restaurants

Fundraising nights have become increasingly common in the social media era. Here’s how it works: you partner with a local restaurant, preferably one that caters primarily to families. The restaurant agrees to donate a portion of proceeds to your troop on a designated night. Some national chains are known for being receptive to fundraisers, including Chuck E. Cheese’s and Chipotle, but don’t neglect local restaurants that may be excited to support the local community.

Sponsor a Car Wash

Car washes can be a great way to raise money, primarily because they require very little expense at the outset. Troop members and their families can do a large part of the work washing cars, meaning all you’ll need to do is provide buckets, sponges, water, and some signs to lure passing cars in. The key to a successful car wash is the right location. Enlist a few of your volunteers to stand near the street with signs alerting passersby to the car wash and its price.

Host a Pancake Breakfast

Pancake breakfasts have become popular because you can serve a large group with few ingredients. You just need a big bowl of batter, some butter and syrup, and maybe even some bacon or sausage, and your fundraiser is set. Make sure your prices are at least slightly cheaper than local breakfast restaurants, and residents won’t be able to pass up a good deal for a great cause.


Sell Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths are the perfect product to sell since everyone seems to be looking for festive decorations around the holidays. You’ll need to make sure the timing is right with holiday wreaths. You’ll likely have a deadline to get your orders in and, once your products have arrived, they’ll need to be distributed quickly to ensure everyone has it at the start of the season. Find a partner that makes the process easy for you and those hoping to purchase from you so your fundraiser is not only successful in bringing in funds but runs smoothly as well!

With the right fundraiser, your troop can bring in more money for your upcoming activities and have fun while you’re doing so. Once you find a fundraiser that works for your own troop and its supporters, you can continue it in each year that follows. Over time, everyone will start to look forward to your annual fundraiser and even set money aside for it.