Boy Scouts: Where to Camp with Your Troop in MN

Tim Ahern | April 24, 2019

Your Boy Scout troop has put serious work into raising enough money for a camping trip, and now it’s time to have fun! But where can you go to find the biggest selection of activities, along with all of the amenities you’ll need?


You’re in luck. Minnesota is a state of many campgrounds, some of which are specifically geared toward Boy Scouts. Whether you’re looking for a week of outdoor sports, some serious class time, or a combination of both, there’s a Minnesota campground that will fit the bill. We’ve listed just a few great options!  

Many Point Scout Camp—Ponsford

On 2,400 acres in northwestern Minnesota is Many Point Scout Camp, which is situated around Many Point Lake. You’ll get more than 50 merit badge opportunities and your choice of action-packed activities including water sports, spar pole climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and a shotgun outpost. You can also attend leaders’ meetings in advance of your trip to learn about the options and choose your troop’s adventure.

Camp Wilderness Boy Scout Camp—Park Rapids

Thousands of Scouts and leaders travel to Camp Wilderness each year for its two outdoor camps. Butler Wilderness Outpost is designed for Cub Scouts, while Camp Wilderness is for older troops. You can choose from 25 campsites, two dining facilities, and both indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Camp Kiwanis Boy Scout Camp—St. Croix

If you’re looking for access to the water, Kiwanis Scout Camp on the banks of the St. Croix River provides multiple water activities! In addition to fishing and boating, you can sign up for activities like climbing, geocaching, skiing, and volleyball. The camp has cabins, conference spaces, a commercial kitchen, a sports court, a personal fitness course, and a climbing tower.

Phillippo Scout Reservation—Cannon Falls

This scenic camp overlooks Friendship Point Bluffs and includes six shooting ranges, a tubing hill, campsite tent platforms, and a dining hall with an industrial kitchen. If you want to combine multiple troops, the Phillippo reservation is divided into upper and lower levels to make it easy to have two camps happening at the same time.

Rum River Scout Camp—Anoka

On the outskirts of Minnesota is this camp, located on the banks of the Rum River. Activities include disc golf, a challenge course, and canoe rental. In addition to year-round camping opportunities, Rum River also hosts the Cub Scout Fall Camp and the Polar Cubs winter camping event.

Stearns Scout Camp—South Haven

At Stearns, your campout will be enhanced by wildlife like deer and turkeys, which roam the area. Amenities include a climbing tower, rope course, event fields, lake events, and much more. There’s also lodges and a training center, making it a great option for meetings. This campground is fit for hosting groups of 2,000 or more, but you can choose a lodge that’s the perfect fit for your smaller group.

Since you know your troop better than anyone, you’re the best person to decide which camp has the activities your scouts will enjoy most. Browse each camp’s website and pay close attention to the cabins, facilities, and kitchen options so that you’ll have everything you need to make your camping trip one to remember. For more tips for the troops, check out our blog!