Tips for Finding the Right Fundraising Company

Tim Ahern | March 5, 2019

So you’ve decided to put on a fundraiser, congratulations! A fundraiser can be a wonderful experience for both your organization and everyone involved.  The very first step to a successful fundraiser is to determine the company and products you’ll be selling. In order to make the right decision, we’ve compiled a few tips for you! By going through these simple steps, you’ll be sure to partner with a great fundraising company.


Before making any decision on a fundraising company, make sure that you’re researching all of your options. Look for things like testimonials and how frequently they post on their website and on social media.  Spend some time on their website and see if they have any helpful resources to guide you through your fundraising process. Pay attention to what previous fundraising customers have said about the company by looking through google reviews and Facebook reviews for positive testimonials.

Contact Customer Service

The company that you ultimately want to go with for your fundraiser will have excellent customer service.  To find out if the customer experience will be a positive one, reach out to customer service or contact them online to see how responsive they are and what kind of service they’ll provide to both your organization and those that purchase from your fundraiser.  

The customer service experience should be simple, and the process of setting up and organizing the fundraiser should be seamless.  When you contact them, ask questions like, does the company allow you to do things like track your order? What kind of incentives does the company offer and what is their pricing like compared to the competition?

Consider Your Audience

Who are the people likely to engage with your fundraiser? What kind of products will they be willing to purchase from your fundraiser and how do you best reach them.  Some customers value products that are sustainably or locally grown and others just want to help your program out.  Think about who your fundraiser is targeting and what their motivations are before committing to any fundraising company.

Regardless of the product or company you decide to go with for your fundraiser, we hope you have a successful experience and great fun during your fundraiser!