5 Things Kids Can learn From Fundraising

Tim Ahern | January 30, 2019


Fundraising campaigns serve a very specific purpose or raising money for an organization. These efforts pay for things like field trips, and much-needed supplies for the organization’s success. In the process though, kids not only have fun, they also gain valuable life skills that they will then take with them as they grow.

The benefits of fundraising go well beyond the money raised. When the efforts benefit a youth-oriented organization, they give students an incredible opportunity to learn. It’s important that team leaders know these benefits as a fundraiser starts so that they can work on emphasizing them to their youth volunteers.

Work-Related Skills

When children are involved in the planning and day-to-day work of fundraising, they learn lessons that will build a foundation for their later pursuits. As they head from elementary and middle school to high school and college, they’ll remember what they learned and they’ll be able to use those skills to be successful at each crossroad or difficult moment of change.

Through setting goals and working to achieve them, youth will learn to perform better in school and in whatever jobs they choose. Skills, like setting budgets and conducting financial transactions, will come in handy from the time they land their first part-time jobs, giving them experience that will give them an advantage over other candidates.


Fundraising efforts are usually conducted in teams, with leaders asking members to work together to accomplish a shared goal. From the first campaign, kids will learn the value of putting their personal distractions aside to work toward the betterment of the entire team. This focus on the spirit of sportsmanship will better prepare each child for performing better in sports, group activities in school, and future work pursuits.

Values and Commitment to a Goal

No matter how many times you reinforce your mission statement to members, it can’t possibly resonate as it will with fundraising. The work will take youth out into the community, where they’ll personally speak about the values and goals of the organization, making them feel connected to them. This personal experience will help your members relate to the values of your organization in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise. They’ll also begin to see how the organization fits with the rest of the community. By giving them the responsibility of communicating the values and goals of the organization and of their own efforts, you give them a sense of being and they experience how it feels to act with goals and values in mind.


The Value of Hard Work

Children often don’t see the value of a dollar until they’ve actually worked for it. When they put in a few hours at a fundraising booth or go door to door in a neighborhood, they put their own time and work into earning each dollar, which will better help them see the value of that money. At the end of a campaign, youth have an increased appreciation for the fundraising totals as they’re announced. When the new supplies arrive or they head out for their fully-funded trip, they’ll see the direct results of their hard work.

By participating in fundraising efforts, children learn a variety of valuable lessons that will help build a strong educational foundation. With each year, youth participants can be given more responsibilities, allowing them to take an increasingly stronger role in a fundraiser’s daily operations. In addition to learning and growing, they’ll also have plenty of great memories that will last well into adulthood.

Basic Money Management and Organization

Financial responsibility is one of the most important skills a person can possess. Participating in fundraising forces these youth to manage and organize actual dollars and cents, giving them a sense of responsibility for something with monetary value. Moreover, when they feel that they are trusted by the organizations’ leaders, they will rise to the occasion and be better equipped to handle their own finances one day.

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