Tips for Keeping Your Evergreen Decorations Fresh

Sydney Franklin | December 5, 2018

It’s that wonderful time of year when decorations are popping up on rows of houses and you’re no doubt thinking about how to keep your wreaths, trees, and other holiday decor looking beautiful for the entire holiday season. We’ve compiled a few ways to keep your holiday evergreen decorations looking lively and fresh over the holiday.


Buy Fresh

Buy your wreath, garland, and tree locally and as fresh as possible. Also, buy when you plan on enjoying them as, especially indoors, they will only last a few weeks.

If you purchase your decorations before you’re ready to put them up, keep them outdoors in the cool weather to preserve them.

Water (Soak and Mist)

For wreaths and garlands, soaking for up to 24 hours before putting them up will saturate them and keep them fresh longer.

For trees, cut off a couple of inches of the bottom of the trunk before setting it up in the stand. This will provide a fresh surface to soak up the water. And remember to water it, generously!

Once you have your decorations up, mist them once or twice a week to keep them green and fragrant.

Placement is Key

Outdoor wreaths and other evergreen décor will last the longest. Putting your evergreen decorations indoors will shorten their lifespan but putting them in the right place in your home can extend their life.

Avoid heating vents, fireplace mantels, direct sunlight and other sources of light and heat. And, of course, avoid open flame.

Consider an Anti-transpirant

Anti-transpirants are sprayable products that create a protective film on plants to prevent wilting by reducing moisture loss. They’re typically made of pine tree resin and water, so they’re natural and safe for indoor use.

Spray on and let dry before adding any decorations to your evergreens. But don’t use it on certain plants, such as blue spruce, cedar or juniper berries because it harms their natural waxy coating.

Choose Wisely

Some varieties of evergreen last longer than others. Take a look at our wreath offerings to make the best decision for you!

From balsam fir to pine, all of our wreaths are made locally and assembled by hand, giving you the best quality possible for your holiday decorations.

Wishing you a lovely holiday season from the Evergreen family to yours. If you’re looking for a quality, sustainable fundraising products, learn more about our fundraising program!