Using Reviews to Sell Your Fundraiser

Sydney Franklin | November 8, 2018

When you’re about to make a purchase, do you take into account what other people have said about the product or service you’re about to buy? Most likely, your answer to this question is yes. Reading or listening to reviews by others is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to find out if a product or service is as good as its made out to be.

It’s no different for community members who are about to purchase your fundraising products. How can they expect the product to arrive? If it’s a wreath, will it be fresh and beautiful? Have other people been happy with their wreath purchase from your group before?

Giving people a couple quotes from past customers is a very compelling way to make them feel even better about their purchase. They’re already contributing to your cause, so adding that extra layer of good feelings to their purchase will help them with their decision to order from you.

How to Collect Reviews

Hand out cards. Handing out thank you cards with each order is a great idea! It makes customers feel good for ordering for you and contributing to your cause. It’s an even better idea when those thank you cards provide a way for customers to give feedback! Add an email address or physical address (or both) on the cards and suggest customers send you feedback on your product or service. You could even add in incentive to give feedback, such as getting entered to win a $50 gift card for somewhere around town.

Just ask. The next time you see your customers around town, just ask if they liked the product. It’s a little difficult to record reviews this way, but it can at least be helpful in thinking about next year’s fundraiser.

Provide a feedback card. If you don’t use thank you cards or want the review request to stick out more, print notecard-size feedback cards and include them with each order. Ask for feedback and suggestions and have an address pre-printed on the card so customers just have to slap on a stamp and send. Or, if you have enough budget, have the cards already include postage.