Raise Funds Online with Our Friends & Family Program

Tim Ahern | August 15, 2018

With just a click of the mouse, your organization’s supporters can purchase Hand made Fragrant Balsam Fir products and other Decorative items, directing them to be delivered to their front door. It’s all part of our Friends & Family program, which offers a way for the people you know to support your fundraiser online.


How It Works

Once your organization has contacted our office indicating your interested in participating in the Friends and Family program, we will provide a Customer Code. This code can then be sent out to friends and family or anyone who may want to buy from you. Send this link to our Friends and Family program along with your groups customer code and your customers can start to shop.



When they find an item they want, they simply add it to the cart and check out when they’re ready. Your organization will profit 10 dollars per unit sold, make sure your customer enters the beneficiary designated so the proper funds go to the right person inside the group.


The entire process is designed to make it as easy as possible for organizations to manage their fundraisers while also increasing their success rates.

Expand Your Reach

Traditional fundraisers are limited in their reach. Often volunteers reach out to neighbors, coworkers, and local friends and family to ask for support. But today’s volunteers have a broad reach, thanks to social media. Being able to order online means that you can post on your social media accounts, reaching out to friends and family across the country. Best of all, some of your own supporters’ friends will likely share your fundraising code with their own followers, only increasing your reach further.

The Friends & Family program doesn’t have to serve as the only way your organization raises funds. You can use it in combination with your local fundraising. Going door to door for your fundraiser will always be a great way to raise money. Kids can learn customer service skills and goal setting techniques from fundraising this way. In-person fundraising is not only a fun experience, but also demonstrates the importance of your fundraiser to potential supporters. You’ll still be able to take orders and place them on behalf of customers, delivering items when they arrive. This just offers donors an alternative to local ordering that will likely only increase the money you bring in for your organization each year.

everygreen-industriesPlease contact our office at 1-800-284-3048 for any questions about our Friends and Family program.Products will be shipped to arrive sometime between late November and early December.