Sports Teams & School Product Fundraiser Ideas 2018

Tim Ahern | March 23, 2018

We hate to break it to you but the school year is fast approaching. With that in mind, it might be time to plan out your school year fundraisers and review the best fundraiser ideas of 2018.

1. Scratch Cards

Many of us have done it: you’re at the gas station and you can’t help but wonder what’s under that scratch off. Easy Fundraiser Ideas knows this temptation is real, so they created a program around it. You sell a bundle of scratch off cards and you get a certain percentage of that profit. This fundraiser will stand out from the food-oriented or fundraising events as it’s a small commitment and could have a big pay off!

The scratch off cards are available in different quantities so you can pick the best option for you.


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2 . Auntie Ann’s fundraising

If you’re reading this and it’s nearing fall, you know your appetite is slowly evolving from craving fruit smoothies to wanting something a little warmer, savory and maybe even a bit indulgent. On top of the new cravings, as the school year starts, parents will be looking for easy and tasty foods for their kids’ activities and sleepovers, so the fundraiser is also appealing time-wise. Auntie Ann’s has a crazy assortment of possibilities to choose from starting with their pretzel for Friday night snacks to their gooey cinnamon rolls for Saturday morning brunch.

fundraising-ideas-2017Image source: Auntie Ann’s

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3. Snackin in the USA

Parents will also be looking for the best snacking options to fill up their grab-and-go pantry section. This fundraiser is fun as it includes snacks from all across the U.S.—providing quite the diverse assortment. Additionally, the snacks are only $7 a pop AND “healthy” so it’s easier for parents to swallow.


Image source:

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4. Spices

With more warm and savory meals also comes the need for new flavors and spices. If you market it well, families will be excited to fill their kitchens with warm fall meals full of spices and flavor. This long-running fundraiser with Con Yeager Spice has received great reviews and offers products at affordable prices.  They also offer dry rubs, cures, oils and more.


Image source: Con Yeager Co.


5. Wreaths!

We may be a bit biased, but we do honestly believe wreath fundraisers with Evergreen are one of your best options for school and sports teams. You can set up your fundraiser now and get people their wreaths right in time for the holiday season. Besides that, we have a well-planned process developed over 50 years which makes this fundraiser one to which people are always coming back.

Besides that, we have a well-planned process developed over 50 years which makes this fundraiser one to which people are always coming back.

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