Creative Valentine’s for Kids – 5 Simple & Affordable Ideas to Try This Year

Tim Ahern | February 9, 2018

Working with Boy Scouts, church groups and schools in their fundraisers, we love helping kids partake in memorable experiences. Along with that, we like to save people money throughout the year, as we know how hard you work for your funds.

How can you create memorable Valentine’s in an affordable way?

1. DIY Bubbles.


    Image source: Pop Sugar

This idea comes from Pop Sugar. You simply need bubbles and some sort of label. The cute message, “You Make My Heart Pop” fits right in with the holiday without getting too mushy. You can get a box of 48 plain white containers for $11.99 from Oriental Trading.

2. Smarty Pants


    Image source: Alexis Creates

This idea, coming from a blog “Alexis Creates,” is another simple, yet clever one. Here you just need a package of smarties, paper, marker and a scissor. Get the full set of directions here to learn the best way to cut the slits.

3. A Valentine Airplane


    Image source: Krazy Coupon Lady

If you have a longer meeting or are feeling ambitious, take a look at what you can do with just a few extra, yet still simple, supplies. The Krazy Coupon Lady came up with this clever “paper airplane” made of candy. She even did the math for you in this itemized list below:

  • “Life Savers candy – $1.97
  • Pack of chewing gum sticks – $1.08
  • Smarties candy – $0.50
  • Card stock
  • Rubber bands
  • Tape
  • Valentine message”

They come out to be about $0.24 each.

4. A-MAZE-ing


    Image source: Lil Luna

If you are seeking to stay away from candy and lean into a fun, yet useful brain exercise, take a look at this fun set up. Lil Luna came up with this one.

All you need to do is essentially buy the maze, tape them on the paper and write the clever message, “You a-maze me.”

They come in packs of 72 for $8, 12 for $1.59 and if you just need to buy one at a time, they’re $0.19 a piece at Party Palooza.

5. Heart Glow


Image source: Pop Sugar

Another one from Pop Sugar, glow-in-the-dark sticks. Go anywhere on the 4th of July and you see that kids love these. However, they don’t often receive them in the winter. All you need here is a cheap pack of the sticks, paper, a hole puncher and coloring crayons. “You make my heart glow” is just one of several puns to try.

We hope you have a happy Valentine’s day and stay in touch as you plan your fundraisers this spring!