New Year’s Resolutions for Scouts (and Their Leaders)

Tim Ahern | January 2, 2018

New Year’s is the perfect time for Scouts and troop leaders to take on new goals and start their best year yet. Though New Year’s resolutions get a lot of heat, with a concrete plan and the right types of people, they can actually make positive changes. As Scouts are typically organized and motivated, the odds of seeing resolutions come to fruition are high. Here are a few ones we recommend based on our experience with Scouts and leaders.

1. Create specific goals with actionable steps

Most scouts are seeking to earn the next merit badge or adventure. At your first meeting of the year, have your Scouts write out their top three goals. Then, have them write down at least three specific steps to earning those goals. They should have a plan for as to how they will execute the steps, when they plan to achieve them and what resources they need. For everyone, but especially younger people, the more specific and well-planned, the more likely they’ll achieve the goal.

2. Have a troop-wide goal

Individual goals are great to help establish self-motivation, however, having a group goal will help the Scouts both value their team and likely work harder than on their own.

Ideas include…

3. Attend a national or regional event

There’s nothing quite like a huge gathering of Scouts that will remind you why you do the work you do. It inspires all participants as you see the work on a grander scale. This can be an expensive endeavor and requires plenty of planning so be sure to plan for it now.

Upcoming gatherings:

For more guidance on New Year’s Resolutions for Scouts, take a look at Scouting Magazine and Voice of Scouting.

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