Your Fundraising Wrap-Up Checklist – Step Three: Ask for Feedback

Tim Ahern | November 10, 2017

It’s time for further fundraiser discovery before it’s too late. We suggest sending out a quick survey to both your participants and your customers. You don’t want to do this before you have taken care of the previous two steps as it’s not as big of a priority and you want to thank customers before you ask more of them. However, you’ll reap a lot of benefits if you do proceed with this step as it’s the best time to get the truth about your fundraiser.

Step three: Conduct a fundraising survey

Options for surveying.

survey format

First, you’ll want to figure out in what format you’ll send your survey. You could use an existing tool which we’ll review below or you could simply as for some feedback via email or a phone call.

survey apps

Some easy-to-use survey tools include Waggl, SurveyMonkey and Google Survey. All are easy to use and quick to send. As opposed to a more manual survey, these allow you to set up a few questions with more standard options for responses so you can get more concise feedback.

questions to ask customers

  • How did you hear about our fundraiser?
  • How would you prefer to be contacted in the future?
  • What would make this fundraiser easier for you?

You could also set up a scale of sorts that gathers a lot of info in just one question. See how Fluid Survey did it below:




Questions to ask fundraiser participants

  • How likely is it that you would recommend {Fundraiser Name} to a friend or colleague as a good way to donate?
  • How organized do you feel the fundraiser was?
  • What could be done to make the product delivery process run more smoothly?

Again, you could set up a scale like the one Fluid Survey did here:



what to do with data

Ideally, after you’ve gathered all the data, you will want to report on what you’ve discovered.

At the minimum put all the feedback in a safe folder and ensure a couple of the fundraiser leaders know where it is so they can review it for next year.

If more time is available, consolidating the responses and writing up a quick reflection on what you will do better next year will help you get started more efficiently when that time comes.

The very best thing to do would be to hold a meeting with fundraiser leadership and reflect on what you learned and what you will do next year. This in-person meeting will be the most effective way to get all around feedback and formulate strong, creative ideas.


Let us know how your survey goes and if you have any feedback on how we at Evergreen Industries did, please do reach out.

Next up, how to prep for next year through proper note taking, delegating and more.

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