Sustainable Fundraising: Why We Do It & How It Works [Infographic]

When you’re looking through fundraiser options for sports teams, Boy Scouts, church groups or the like, there are so many possibilities it can be overwhelming. However, if you think of the fundraiser you choose as a representation of what’s important to you as an organization, you’ll realize there are qualities to certain fundraiser options you want to avoid. At the same time, there are other fundraisers that would make you proud to take part in. For example, and what we hope to show below, by choosing sustainable fundraisers you show that you care about the planet and your community.

Evergreen Industries has done a lot to remain a sustainable fundraiser choice, researching and using the best ways to create our wreaths—methods that will protect our earth while also creating a product that lasts.

Read how this sustainable fundraiser works and consider working with us if you haven’t already. Even if we’re not a good fit, we hope you keep sustainable fundraising in mind!

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