Local Hockey Team Grateful for Evergreen & Our Online Fundraising Tools

Tim Ahern | May 22, 2017

A hockey team in a neighboring town to Evergreen’s headquarters shared this story with us. Their goal was to raise enough money to buy new uniforms. They didn’t think it was possible, due to the high expense of the uniforms. With the help of Evergreen’s fundraising tools, Sales Aid Generator and our team, the boys raised the money.

Evergreen’s Fundraising Tools:

Through Evergreen’s fundraising process, the hockey team – especially their coaches and parents – saved time (and a few headaches) as they didn’t have to seek out fundraising help elsewhere. All aspects of the fundraiser, from the initial setup through to delivery, was slick and efficient.

1. Setting up strong

Catalog of Products

It started with the team going through Evergreen’s Catalog, which includes the products available for sale. The team looked through the products, ranging from wreaths, swag, garland, centerpieces and more. They decided to focus in on wreaths as they knew this would both help them stay organized and appeal to their specific community.

Organization Data Sheet

Next came the Organization Data Sheet, which assisted the team through the kickoff of their fundraiser. By filling this out, Evergreen got to know who they’re working with and could better understand the fundraising efforts. It answered questions like who they are, what they would sell and what their turnaround time would ideally be.

Fundraiser Account

From there, Evergreen set up the hockey team with an account, as they do with each individual fundraising group. This way, any time a person from the team had a question or needed help, all of Evergreen’s help team could pull up their account and understand where they were at.

2. Planning for success

Strategic Advice

Beyond this setup, Evergreen’s team was available over the phone to talk through fundraising strategy and logistics. With over 50 years of fundraising experience, they knew how to help this hockey team maximize their profit. They advised them on the right pricing for their wreaths and helped them think through how to engage the team’s community.

3. Helping through the fundraiser itself

Sales Brochures

Once the Organizational Data Sheet was finalized, Evergreen provided the team with free, colored brochures. The team used the Sales Aid Generator to create a brochure that was customized to show just the wreaths they had chosen to sell. This way the hockey team could go door to door, handing out visual representations of the wreaths.

Fundraising 101

Beyond walking the hockey team through the fundraiser process, Evergreen offered guides like the Fundraiser 101 ebook. This helped the hockey team set up their plan of action, remember to-do’s that are sometimes forgotten and generate ideas for promoting their fundraiser.

4. Finalizing orders

Easy Ordering process

Once the team had put in their hard work, the last thing they wanted was a complicated ordering process. Luckily, Evergreen has yet another system set up to make this easy; the team’s members simply had to fill out the Order Now page. For the team members that already had all their info written out, they could also just email or fax it in.


After the hockey team’s orders were all set, Evergreen reached out to let them know they were ready for shipment. Throughout the shipping process, the team could check in on the status of their orders with this page.

“Thank you again for helping our boy’s hockey program start a successful fundraiser! The money we raise through our Evergreen fundraiser is helping us to continually strengthen and improve the opportunities that are offered to fine, young athletes.” – Carol, MN

Each customer comes with a new story and a unique incentive for their fundraiser. We love to see people come from all over the nation to support a cause in which they believe. And furthermore, we love making their fundraising process go smoothly so they can focus on their cause – or in this case, their game! Go team!