Fundraising Opportunities for Sports Teams Coming Up This Fall

Tim Ahern | May 17, 2017

Now might not be the time you’re most excited about planning your sport team’s fundraising for the fall, but there are several perks to planning your fundraiser early (read about them here »). We want to encourage you to take advantage of this time and get planning one of these awesome sports team fundraiser ideas.

Best fall fundraising opportunities for sports teams

1. Partner with a local restaurant


Come fall, people will be ready to have a cozy meal indoors again. Partner with a restaurant like one of the following and earn 10-20% of the proceeds. Restaurants choose a night that isn’t as busy and you fill up the tables – it’s a win-win! If it’s around Halloween make it a costume party or if it’s closer to Christmas encourage people to flaunt their favorite festive sweater.

Here’s a few family-friendly favorites:

2. Produce and sell a calendar


This is a great fundraiser opportunity – as it’s fun for both the team and the buyers – but many of us don’t plan this fundraiser in time to make it happen. If you can produce the calendar in early fall, promote them before Christmas and sell them during the holiday season, you’ll be getting to your buyers at the perfect time.

Have your sports team pick a theme towards the end of the summer. Find a photographer willing to help take photos of them posing in costumes. If a photoshoot is out of the question, ask parents to send in their photos from the previous season.

3. Solve the mystery dinner


Halloween is growing in popularity as far as celebrated holidays go and people love a little spookiness in the fall! All you need is a venue with a big enough kitchen to feed the number of donors you plan to involve. From there, you plan out a mystery scenario – a la Clue – that you will tell your guests. You’ll need to know when you’ll give out clues and what the winning detectives will receive. Here are some fun prompts for your mystery »

4. Write letters


In the fall, students are at their prime time in terms of willingness to write. And writing letters is a great way to reach out to donors. You can tell your sports team’s story and make an emotional connection. This doesn’t have to be boring: host a writing-letter party with music and snacks. Just be sure to provide some prompts and templates to help your team along.

Here are some great pointers from Fundly on writing fundraising letters »

5. Sell wreaths


Fall is the best time to sell wreaths as people plan their Christmas decor. The holiday season can be so hectic; over the last 50 years, people have always told us how nice it is for them to have a wreath delivered right to them that they know they’ll love.

Learn more about how our wreath fundraisers work »