Boy Scout Meeting Ideas to Get Your Troop in Gear

Do your scouts ever seem less than excited about your meeting? As a leader you have a lot of logistics to go through – updates on their next fundraiser, for example. Once you get through the fun stuff, they may start to tune out your voice for the rest of the meeting.

In order to keep them excited, try a few ideas for keeping your boy scout meetings engaging!

Try Fresh Games

It’s tempting to save the games for the beginning of your meeting – to get them excited – or end of your meeting – as a reward for their listening. However, if your troop is tuning you out when you get to the logistics section of the meeting, try interspersing games throughout. That way, you keep your scouts on their toes and they may not have a chance to zone out. Troop Program Resources brainstormed quite a few awesome game ideas. Find activities that will help them work on their skills for…

Switch up Location

Do you keep your troop’s location the same each and every time? Try going on a walk for one meeting or taking the boys out for pizza. If they all listen up through the whole meeting, they get dessert!

Create a Challenge trail

Make your meeting more interactive by creating an activity in each room of your meeting location. At the start of your meeting after everyone has arrived, Scoutmaster CG recommends that you hand your troop members a “map that takes them to different destinations where an activity is planned (a skill demonstration, game, or challenge) and loops back to the meeting place.” If you have some more dry information you must cover with the troop, try presenting it at one of the more exciting destinations so they’re fully present.

Stage A rescue

If you have multiple leaders, start the meeting by announcing one of you is missing and needs a rescue! Set up hints along the journey. Once they found their leader, he can talk through any less-exciting information you have to cover.


Before your next meeting, tell the scouts that you have some business to cover and they really need to pay attention. Tell them if you can tell they’ve listened, they’ll get a “maker meeting” the next week. That simply means the entire meeting can be devoted to a project – one that will basically give the scouts a new tool! A maker meeting can entail,

We hope this helps you plan events for your upcoming meeting and can work to get your boy scouts excited about fundraising!

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