7 Ideas as You Plan Your Spring Fundraiser

You may have used Evergreen Industries for your fall or winter fundraiser, but spring time is on the horizon and you need a fresh idea for your next campaign. Whether you are fundraising for your church, school, sports organization or the scouts, at least one of these 10 spring fundraiser ideas will get your crew excited to spring into action.

Products & Deliveries

1. Flower Delivery

Maybe Evergreen’s wreaths aren’t the most appropriate plant to deliver in the spring, but boy do we all love flowers during this season. Talk with local floral shops now to see what fundraising options they may have.

2. flower bulbs

Spring is a great time to meet the needs of those with green thumbs in your community. Find your favorite flower bulb fundraising organization and sell flowers bulbs before people head to the store.

3. Breakfast in Bed

Set up a food delivery system where your donor can sign up for a meal brought straight to their house. If you price things correctly, you could not only make people happy as you deliver their w breakfast, but you can make a good profit. Consider it for Mother’s or Father’s Day so people can take advantage of this for a special gift.


5. Amazon Affiliation

Sometimes if the snow hasn’t melted fast enough, people aren’t quite ready to leave the house come spring. Luckily, retail giant Amazon has a special system aimed at helping nonprofits. If your nonprofit has a site, you simply need to place Amazon’s affiliate link on it. If people go to Amazon’s site from your links and make a purchase, you can earn up to 10% of the profit.

6. posting a challenge

Remember that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? What started as a video challenging friends to take action went viral and raised $115 million for the cause. Can your organization think of a way to challenge supporters to either take action or donate?

7. Crowdfunding

Many of us reignite some enthusiasm to get moving in the Spring. It may be the best time to get people involved in raising money for you. Nonprofit charity:water receives it’s main source of funding through this method.


8. Spring cleaning sale

As the snow melts and we shed our winter gear, spring cleaning feels refreshing. If you can point out to your community that spring cleaning will feel even better if they’re contributing to a cause, imagine how many items you could collect for a garage sale. Besides that, people don’t often have the time to organize their own sale, so having a place to bring items could be just what they need.

9. March Madness screening

With not much else going on in the realm of sports in March, people go mad for March Madness and tend to hold events to watch the final games. Consider partnering with a local restaurant to host a screening. Ask attendees to pay an entrance fee and offer to give prizes at the door.

10. Mother’s day brunch

Reservations on Mother’s Day Brunch can be hard to find. Besides that, families want to do something extra special for their mom. If you could partner with a local restaurant or church, kids and dad can serve moms a fancy brunch. Start selling tickets in advance and be sure the rest of the family is ready to rally to ensure moms don’t have to do any work.

Just be sure to take a look at Evergreen’s products as you plan your fall and winter fundraiser!