Christmas Fundraisers: How to Choose Products & Stay on Track

Tim Ahern | July 19, 2016

Christmas fundraisers can be a wonderful way to bring in some money for your group. Buyers are looking for great products to give as gifts to their friends and neighbors, and you can give them just what they want! Nobody really needs extra food or sweets during the holiday season, so wreaths and greenery are the perfect options.

Many homeowners and apartment dwellers alike enjoy hanging a wreath or swag on their front door throughout the holiday season, and our centerpieces are loved far and wide for adorning the Christmas table. Our garland is perfect for running up a stair railing or draping across a door openings, making a home both look and smell festive! Greenery candy canes and crosses are also perfect wall or door decorations.

Yep, in our minds, you can’t possibly have a better Christmas fundraiser than one with evergreen products. Even with great products, though, staying on track during the holiday season can still be a huge challenge. You’ve got a million other things going on, and trying to quickly throw together a fundraiser is the last thing you want to add to your list.

Keep on top of it by starting really early. We’re talking at least by July! Pick your products, get everything organized that you need for your sellers (order sheets, catalogs, sales aids, etc.) and put them in envelopes for each person. When everything is ready so far in advance, you won’t by trying to buy gifts for your family and throwing together a fundraiser at the same time!

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