Why Evergreen Industries?

Tim Ahern | July 18, 2016

We know that, when you’re searching for fundraising products, you have some big choices to make. What products should you use, and what company should you buy them from? There are some companies that provide wreaths, just like we do.

why Wreaths rock

Wreaths are the perfect fundraising product for several reasons. First, there’s a demand for them! There are many families out there that purchase a wreath for their front door every year for the holiday season. While they’re easy to find at grocery stores and other places around town, many buyers would enjoy buying them for a cause much more, especially around the holidays. They’re something tangible that lasts for months, instead of something like popcorn that’s either gone quickly and adds to the waistline, or isn’t gone soon enough and gets stale.

What’s unique about evergreen’s wreaths & Products

Now that you’ve made the decision to run a fundraiser with wreaths, it’s time to choose a company that makes quality products. You’re likely to find several different companies during your search, and it might be hard to tell the differences between them! However, there are definitely some unique things about our products that you should be aware of.

Our Guarantee. We unconditionally guarantee our products for freshness and quality of construction. If you receive defective material or shortages, we will immediately replace or credit your account as long as we are notified within 10 days after delivery. You’ll never be stuck with a disappointed purchaser!

Our Sales Aid Generator. Yep, we’ve got an online sales aid generator for you to use! You can make a custom sales aid with your group’s name and just the products you’re selling on it, plus an order form for your group to fill in as they sell products. We think it’s pretty neat! Check it out.

Variety of products. You choose which products you’d like to sell from our catalog. There’s a wide selection! We’re way more than just wreaths. Our garlands, centerpieces, and swags are quite popular and loved by community members everywhere!

Sustainability. Our bough harvesting takes place after successive hard frosts in late September or early October each fall. This ensures that the balsam has set its needles and will stay fresh. We harvest just the outer part of the branch, keeping the tree safe. What we cut off will regrow in 5 to 7 years.

what’s unique about our company

We’ve been around for over 50 years! There are groups that have been with us for generations, and they continue to stick with us because of our fantastic products, great prices and top-notch customer service. Plus, we’re a family-run business, currently in the second generation of management. Our founder was a Boy Scout who participated in fundraisers, himself!

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