The Advantages of Planning Your Christmas Fundraiser in Spring

Joli Skow | March 14, 2016

Here we are in March of 2016, and much of the country is experiencing a lovely early spring. That can make thinking about Christmas fundraising seem a little wrong, but it’s actually a great idea to plan this far ahead!

Here are some advantages and guidance for planning your Christmas fundraiser in the spring:

Planning out your calendar year now prepares you for the year

Having a calendar for your group for the whole year is helpful in many ways. Putting trips, activities and fundraising dates on the calendar lets members of your group plan in advance to participate around their own personal activities and vacations.

You won’t be scrambling during the holidays

Seeing your deadline approaching for getting your Christmas fundraiser up and running in the fall will help you stay on top of getting it going on time and as planned. We all get so busy as the holiday season approaches, it’s nice to have a plan so you don’t have to worry about it when celebrating with your family.

You can plan for cash flow

If there are certain fundraisers you participate in every year as a group, then perhaps you know about how much money you make with each one. Making a tentative plan for how much you’ll bring in throughout the year helps immensely with budgeting for other trips and events. You can also determine how much you’ll need and use that as a driver for selling fundraising products.