Using Facebook Ads for Your Wreath Fundraiser

Tim Ahern | August 20, 2015

Are you hoping to reach more customers than ever this year with your Christmas wreath fundraiser? Need to raise more for your group? If you’re a Facebook user, you might want to consider running Facebook ads. There are a couple different kinds of ads on Facebook – for the sake of this article, we’re going to talk about Boosted Posts.

What You Need

In order to use Facebook to get the word out about your fundraiser, you have a couple different options. First, you need a way for people who see your ad to place an order. You could advertise that you’ll be at a local place at a certain time taking orders, or if you have a website you could have an order form for download that people could print, fill out and send in – there are quite a few options. Just make sure you have a way for people to take action and complete an order if they want to contribute to your fundraiser.

You’ll also need a credit card that you can charge the Facebook Ads to, as well as a Facebook Page for your group that you can advertise from.

Getting Started

Decide on both the language you’re going to use in your ad and the image. Make sure to choose a nice image that’s big enough! The image is what will draw someone to look at your ad before they see the words. Note that Facebook advertising policies say your image can’t consist of more than 20% text. If you’re an Evergreen Industries customer, feel free to use a wreath image from us.

Keep what you want to say fairly short and sweet, but make sure you briefly explain what benefit the fundraiser has for your group and/or your community. That’ll make it more compelling than if you’re simply asking people to buy fundraising wreaths.

Have one or two people review what you’ve written and look at the image and provide feedback.

Posting and Boosting

When you’re ready to put your post out there, open your group’s Facebook page and post it like a regular post, then hit the “Boost Post” button in the bottom right. In the window that pops up, you’ll be able to choose your budget and your audience. Your audience can be chosen by both interest and location, but you’ll probably want to only target those in your community where your group is active.

When you’re ready, hit Boost! Your post should now be approved and boosted by Facebook in just an hour or two.

Don’t be intimidated by advertising your fundraiser on Facebook. It’s actually pretty easy, and your fundraiser will be seen by more people!