What it Takes to Make a Beautiful Christmas Wreath – The Evergreen Timeline

Tim Ahern | April 21, 2015

When many people think of wreaths, they think of the last couple of months of the year. It’s assumed that the rest of the year, wreath manufacturers simply hibernate, waiting for the next Christmas season to arrive. In actuality, the growth, cultivation, and manufacturing of beautiful wreaths is a year-round job, with work on next year’s wreaths beginning almost as soon as you’ve taken down your Christmas tree and put all of your decorations into storage.

A good wreath isn’t formed overnight, however. To understand the hard work that goes into bringing plush, aromatic wreaths to your door each Christmas, here’s a month-by-month description of how Evergreen Industries brings wreaths to you.


The year kicks off with meetings with suppliers to get pricing and samples. During this meeting, we determine whether to add new products to our line, as well as ordering our wire goods and decorations.


During February, we conduct research and development on our new products. We also finalize any orders we’re making with our importers.


Production on this year’s Christmas bows starts in March, as well as harvesting of some of the natural decorations we’ll use.

AprilFundraising Wreath Pinecones

In April, semi trucks begin to arrive filled with pine cones from the Western United States.


In May, we bring in seasonal workers, who begin painting and wiring pine cones and berries. This month we also send a newsletter to our customers that includes our new products and promotions. Our customers begin reserving delivery dates for the upcoming season.


Like May, much of June is spent working on decoration preparation. The office begins getting busy with delivery date reservation requests. Evergreen also ramps up other marketing initiatives, which generate an increase in correspondence between our staff and new customers.


In addition to continued assembly of pine cones and bows, Evergreen begins taking delivery of importers and domestic goods for production season. Our customer service team continues setting up appointments for new and existing customers, as well as intensifying their focus on acquiring new business.


In August, we finalize our pricing and distribute that information so that they can begin preparing their fundraisers. Our crews continue assembling pine cones and bows.


At back-to-school time, our teams are busy preparing for the upcoming sales orders. Fall production crews are set up at all of Evergreen Industries’ plants. By now, all pine cones, bows, and decorations are finished and ready to be affixed to wreaths during the production process.

Putting together wreaths


By October, 99 percent of Evergreen Industries’ customer base is set for the season. During this month, we begin harvesting the raw material, as well as manufacturing the wreaths themselves. Once ready, wreaths are refrigerated until ready to distribute.

NovemberItascan Fundraiser Wreath

Orders begin rolling in during late October and in November, production is at full capacity as delivery to in-state customers begins. Shipping to customers located out of state begins in the middle of November.


By the second week in December, all orders have been shipped or delivered. If any situations have arisen, Evergreen deals with those during this time. The staff takes a short Christmas break before starting the entire process over again.