Tips and Tricks for Selling Christmas Wreaths Door to Door

Tim Ahern | November 24, 2014

Raising funds can be challenging, especially when people have grown accustomed to avoiding sales pitches. Door-to-door sales can be particularly difficult, since many homeowners now avoid answering the door, even when a child is standing on the doorstep. There are things fundraisers can do to improve success rates and make a good impression on the community at the same time.

Choose the Right Time

Many neighborhoods are ghost towns on weekdays, so that period immediately after school is usually off limits. Some neighborhood solicitors choose dinner time for their sales pitches, but the area between five and seven p.m. is questionable, since some people still aren’t home during this time period. Additionally, residents may not enjoy having dinner interrupted, even if your Christmas wreaths are exactly what they’re seeking.

Saturdays are an ideal time to reach out to residents, since you’ll will catch a large number of residents home during that time. You can also consider the time period immediately following dinner during the week, but if children are helping with your fundraiser, being out after dark may not be a good idea.

Be Respectful

You’ll start off on the wrong foot if you offend homeowners before you even get a chance to speak to them. The first issue is a legal one. Some cities have strict regulations about solicitation, even for nonprofits. Check to make sure you have the proper permits, if any are required, before you start knocking.

You should also take note of any signs that read “No Soliciting” or “No Trespassing” and honor those signs. Walk away from any business or home that has such a sign without disturbing the occupants. Not only is flagrant disregard for these signs unlikely to get a positive response, it makes your organization look bad and could potentially result in a complaint to either the city or your organization’s headquarters.

Start Locally

Each of your organization’s members should start in their own respective areas first. When the person on the other side of the door is a neighbor, a home’s occupant is more likely to be receptive. Additionally, your organization’s members will have an easier time distributing orders if the majority of their own orders are close to home.

As wreath orders are filled, each door in a neighborhood will begin to proudly display them on their front doors. Everyone on the street will see the wreaths and ask about them, leading to greater word-of-mouth in preparation for next year’s fundraiser. Your members may even find that people are stopping them to ask them where they can get a wreath for their own front door, so be sure you have a few extra on hand to offer to those who might have missed you when you were going door to door.

Door-to-door wreath fundraising is a great opportunity to reach out to others in the community, making friends with neighbors they might not have otherwise met. This grassroots effort will serve to spread the word about the good work your organization is doing, increasing your chances of success with next year’s fundraiser.