Setting Goals for Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

Tim Ahern | November 5, 2014

The Christmas season approaches quickly, bringing with it a long list of things to do. For nonprofits, it also brings a great opportunity to raise funds. Christmas-themed fundraisers are popular with both businesses and consumers, who are often interested in helping others during what is traditionally a season of giving. To best position itself for the opportunity, a nonprofit should set goals for its Christmas-themed fundraiser and make plans that move it toward reaching those goals.

One of the most popular Christmas-themed fundraisers is wreaths, which provides an item homeowners and businesses need while also bringing in money. Here are a few tips for setting great goals for your Christmas wreath fundraiser this year.

Create a Fundraising Goal Statement

Your nonprofit has a mission statement, but do you have one specific to your fundraisers? Studies have shown that when goals are written down, they’re more likely to be attained. Create a written fundraising goal statement that reflects the overall mission of your organization but addresses the unique challenges of that year’s fundraiser. How much money do you plan to raise? What will your organization do with the money? By specifically stating the purpose of the fundraiser, members will remember the ultimate reason for their efforts on an ongoing basis.

Create a Timeline

Because the holiday season can be so hectic, it can help to create a timeline for your efforts. This breaks the work into smaller, more manageable chunks, allowing coordinators to set up milestones that help them stay on track throughout the season. Milestones give organizations a deadline for recruiting and training volunteers, creating and distributing print materials, hiring caterers for events, and similar tasks. Team members can review those milestones and extract the items they’re responsible for completing, letting them know if a deadline is approaching well in advance.

Focus on Building Awareness

As fulfilling as a successful fundraiser is, there is a long-term goal, as well. Whether this is the first year your organization has sold wreaths or you’ve done so for multiple years, each fundraising season is a great opportunity to build awareness throughout your community. Someone who doesn’t participate in your campaign this year may learn about your wreaths this year and purchase one next year. As you promote your fundraiser on social media, in print materials, and at local events, don’t lose sight of the long-term value of the marketing you’re doing. Make sure your community members know that each year, they’ll be able to count on your organization to provide their Christmas wreaths for the month of December.

As you prepare for this year’s Christmas wreath fundraiser, goals can make a big difference in your success. Team members and volunteers should be consistently reminded of these goals not only so they remain on track, but also to keep them focused on the ultimate goal of the funds raised. As fulfilling as it feels to sell wreaths and raise funds, being able to put those funds to use is the biggest motivator for nonprofit fundraising teams.