Fundraising Products: Popcorn vs. Christmas Wreaths

Tim Ahern | November 3, 2014

When you’re choosing a product or multiple products to use for your fundraiser, it’s easy to fall on an old standby, like popcorn. If you’ve been selling popcorn for years, it’s hard to even consider anything else! And while we can’t deny the deliciousness of popcorn, we’d like to recommend you think outside the popcorn bin this season.

Why choose Christmas wreaths over popcorn for your holiday fundraiser? Here are a couple reasons!

Wreaths Are Natural & Sustainable

Our pine boughs are harvested after successive hard frosts in late September or early October. The hard frost makes a tree set its needles, ensuring you get the freshest Christmas wreath possible. We only trim trees; they’re never cut down. Trees will grow back what we harvest from them in 5 to 7 years. We don’t harvest from the same trees multiple years in a row.

Wreaths Provide Employment

At Evergreen Industries, we have generations of families that work for us each year, harvesting boughs and making them into our fundraising products. Our products are proudly made by hand before they’re sent off to be hung on doors and in windows and mailboxes across the country.

Wreaths Make a Great Gift

Need a housewarming gift for Thanksgiving or just sometime before Christmas? Although people might love popcorn, getting more food during the holidays is often an unnecessary (and sometimes unwanted) gift. Next time, try a Christmas wreath! Our beautiful wreaths can be displayed all season long, and make fantastic gifts that don’t involve eating more.

Want to consider Christmas wreaths for your next holiday fundraiser? Check out our product catalog of wreaths, garlands and swag.