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How Fundraising Works


Review the Evergreen Industries catalog to see all of the fundraising products we offer: wreaths, swag, garland, centerpieces, and more. Once you know what you’d like to order for your Christmas wreath fundraiser, submit your Organization Data Sheet. We’ll need it to set up your account.

Setup Your Program

If this is your first fundraiser or the person who managed past fundraisers has left your group or organization, please give us a call at 800-284-3048. Our team will walk you through account setup, help you understand how to price products to maximize profits, and share tips on how to engage your group and customers to get the best possible fundraiser results.

After you’ve submitted your Organization Data Sheet we will provide, at no charge, colored sales brochures. Or, if you’d like to create your own with the products you’ve chosen to sell, head over to our sales aid generator!

Sell & Raise Money

All orders can be submitted through the Order Now page on this website, emailed to orders@evergreenindustries.net, or submitted by¬†fax 651-457-0676. After we receive your order you’ll get a confirmation. Please check that all fundraiser products you’ve ordered are correct.

Deliver & Celebrate

You’ll be contacted by the Evergreen Industries team after your order has been shipped. You’ll be able to track your order by clicking links to freight companies listed on our Shipping & Tracking page.

Once your Evergreen Industries wreaths and other fundraising products arrive, all you have to do is deliver them to family, friends, and neighbors!

Have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or give us a call at 800-284-3048.

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